Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 342


In a bar that was situated on an inconspicuous planet, a guy in a leather jacket opened the door and looked around with his Eye Lenses that looked like the Power Detector in Dragon Ball!

Soon, the man’s attention was focused on a humanoid green-skinned man with eight tentacles instead of hands.

‘Wanted criminal confirmed! Name: Aleksi and Warner Brothers are offering 15.000 Star Coins if he was brought alive, halved if he was brought dead!” the man read from the information that his eye lenses captured.

The man immediately flipped a card, and suddenly a Dark Red Scythe appeared out of nowhere. Everyone inside the bar was startled and immediately felt scared as the man that was none other then Dio himself was looking very menacing!

“Small man, do you know whose place is this? Do you really want that trouble?” a blue-skinned giant man said from behind the bar. He was the bartender of this place, and he was looking very relaxed as he was used to dealing with so many drunkards!

“You better not disturb my business! I am here to capture a man with a bounty!” Dio said coldly.

“At least do it outside!” The bartender said annoyedly. He knew that bounty hunter would stop at nothing whenever they went after their target, so the most logical way was to let the bounty hunter get his bounty!

However, Dio was not listening to the bartender. He immediately jumped and used the scythe as a pole and dropkicked the bartender unconscious!

“The tentacle guy over there, can you come with me?” Dio said coldly.

Knowing that his identity was revealed, Aleksi immediately flipped the table and tried to escape into the back room.

 But Dio has already checked the bar before entering. He knew that there was no back door there!

Knowing that he couldn’t escape, Aleksi immediately pulled out a gun and shot out an ultrasound wave that made those who were hit went berserk!

The people inside the bar, who was affected by the ultrasound from Aleksi’s gun, immediately got into a brawl with each other!

Taking advantage of the chaos, Aleksi immediately rushed outside! He immediately tried to check the position of the bounty hunter who was chasing after him, but he lost track of him!

He could no longer see the bounty hunter anywhere!

“Hey, tentacle guy, are you looking for me?” Dio said from behind Aleksi.

Aleksi was surprised and immediately bent his tentacle to shoot at his back without having to rotate his body! However, as soon as he did so, his tentacle was cut off from his body!

“You’ve already wasted my time! Now, if you want to keep your limb, I suggest you come with me obediently!” Dio said coldly, making Aleksi shook in fear.

Dio then immediately threw a small metal ball that immediately expanded and swallowed Aleksi whole and then instantly resized back to a small ball. This capture ball was very efficient to capture anyone who tried to run away from him!

“Okay, I am done for now!” Dio said as he tapped his wristband a couple of times, and suddenly, a huge battleship appeared out of nowhere!

Dio then got inside the battleship, place the capture ball inside a safe place, and immediately sat down on the sofa.

He has been exploring the space for about four months of earth time. Originally, he wanted to go to Centaury-IV to find a Yaka Metal immediately, but he quickly realized that he couldn’t do it!

There was not enough gas inside the battleship to complete his journey there, and as soon as he wanted to fill up the tank again, another trouble got in his way!

Earth Money didn’t worth anything in space!

So, after knowing that he didn’t have money, Dio then searched for a job that would give him easy money!

He sold a batch of Implosion Grenade to a small-time collector to fill his gas tank to reach a planet that might have a potential job!

He bought some necessary supplies, too, like water and food, including the universal translator that allowed him to talk to any creature in the universe as long as their race’s data was recorded inside the small neckband!

Not too long after, Dio learned that becoming a Bounty Hunter was the easiest and the fastest way to earn the money he needed to reach Centaury-IV!

Despite all the troubles, Dio was having fun! He adapted relatively fast, and the bounty hunting was thrilling as he didn’t know what he might see in this vast universe!

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