Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 343


After returning to the battleship, Dio left the metal ball in the Dark Elf Guard’s care as he wanted to take a shower and refreshen himself.

“Where is Crystal?” Dio asked Mapedoff casually.

“Young Lady Crystal is still resting on her room, sir!” Mapedoff said respectfully.

Dio frowned a little bit as he noticed that Crystal was taking a nap almost all the time after they took off into space!

Dio had asked the Dark Elf Doctor to run a diagnostic on her health, and they found nothing abnormal about her state!

He guessed that it must be something related to her power! Dio firstly thought that maybe Dark Crystal was trying to take control again, but he didn’t see anything out of ordinary happening around him!

So, with a sigh, Dio set Crystal’s problem aside for now!

“Okay, so where do we have to deliver the bounty now?” Dio asked Mapedoff.

“One is at Kanda Star, the other one is at Joule Star, and the last one is at Xandar!” Mapedoff said solemnly.

“Do we have enough fuel for the trip?” Dio asked curiously.

“Of course, sir! It is enough to reach Xandar, but we have to refuel once we’re there! We can finally order a saddle for Galaxy in Xandar, too.

I believe we finally have enough money to order one!” Mapedoff said solemnly.

Dio nodded and told Mapedoff to go as they didn’t have anything else to discuss.

. . . . . . . . . .

Half a month later, the Dark Battleship hovered above Xandar as they couldn’t enter Xandar with Crystal’s strange illness and the Dark Elf’s rough appearance.

So, Dio rode Galaxy and entered Xandar on his own. After landing smoothly at custom, Dio paid a small fee to enter Xandar.

As the capital for the new Nova Empire, Xandar was very popular among so many immigrants of countless races as the Nova Empire was deemed to be fair and never discriminated against any races!

As he entered the capital city, Dio noticed that this city was unlike any city on earth! It was so much cleaner with tall magnificent buildings and large trees with so many flying transportations around! This city was beautiful, and the air was still fresh!

Dio had seen so many cities on so many planets, but none of them could be compared to this city!

Dio quickly snapped back from his thought as he remembered that he had to deliver his bounty first! He finally found the place in the merchant quarter.

“Otto Gable!” Dio said as he knocked on the door.

After a while, an old man opened the door and signaled for Dio to come in. Inside, Dio put the Metal Ball on the table and suggested the old man check it first. “I have captured Aleksi for you!” Dio said as he smirked casually.

The old man immediately checked the content as the metal ball could become transparent to see the content, and as soon as he saw that the person inside was indeed Aleksi, the old man smirked and nodded his head to Dio.

“I am impressed! This man was hard to get by! You are the 4th Bounty Hunter who has tried, but clearly, you are the only successful one!” The old man said casually.

“So, how do you want your money? I can do cash, or I can transfer it to your account!” The old man asked Dio casually.

“Transfer it to this account!” Dio said as he gave the old man a piece of paper that had his account number written on it.

A sudden pinging sound was heard after the old man returned from his computer. Dio immediately checked his phone and noticed that it was a transfer notification!

The old man has transferred him 15.000 stars!

Being a bounty hunter wasn’t a good job as it wouldn’t always pay, the marked target could be already dead, or other Bounty Hunters might’ve captured the target first!

But for Dio, he knew that this was the best way for him to get money without making too much name for himself!

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