Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 344


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“Old man, this is my first time in Xandar! Can you introduce me to a place that I can buy stuff?” Dio asked politely.

“Go to the broker! If there’s something that you want, I believe he should be able to get it for you!” The old man said casually.

“Well, thank you, old man! Pleasure doing business with you!” Dio said politely as he left the Old Man’s place.

Dio then rode Galaxy to the broker that the old man mentioned. He had saved around 50.000 stars, including the transaction earlier, so he had to spend it wisely!

Dio finally arrived at the place that the old man mentioned, but Dio frowned as he thought that his day was going to be a bad one as he saw that the broker’s place was already closed.

But fortunately, the door was suddenly opened as someone left. Dio quickly entered the broker’s place as he knew that it might be closed again!

Once inside, Dio could see that the place wasn’t big but tidy and neat! In the innermost part, Dio saw a long table with a lizardman standing behind it.

“You are the broker? I am here as Otto Gable said that there is nothing that you can’t get!” Dio said solemnly.

“Well, maybe! I don’t know what you want just yet. It might be something that I can’t get! But sure! Because you are here because of a friend’s recommendation, I will give you 10% off for your first order!” The lizardmen said casually.

But Galaxy suddenly showed herself in front of the lizardmen as she followed Dio inside, but the lizardman was shocked to see a legendary Pegasus on his establishment.

“Wait! Is that horse a Pegasus?” The lizardmen asked in awe.

Dio was displeased that the lizardmen showed an extra interest in Galaxy, but as he wanted to make a saddle and body armour for Galaxy, Dio knew that he couldn’t hide its identity either way.

“Yes, she was the reason I have come here in the first place! I need body armour and a saddle for her!” Dio said confidently.

The Dark Elves didn’t have any ability to create such a complicated battle armour as they were more about researches than crafts!

But with Nova Empire’s tech, Dio knew that it should be easy for the broker to obtain the body armour that Dio wanted.

“Are you planning to ride the Pegasus to explore the universe? Although it was an enviable idea, I can’t help but think that it’s a little bit presumptuous! But, if you want to sell her to me, I can give you a price that would be difficult to refuse! I can guarantee you that I would bid the highest for this Pegasus in the entire Nova Empire!” the broker said excitedly.

“Sorry, Galaxy isn’t for sale!” Dio said as he remained indifferent to the broker despite the broker looking all excited!

Seeing Dio didn’t show any change in his expression, the broker felt a little bit of regret that he acted all high and mighty earlier.

He couldn’t force Dio to sell the Pegasus to him, although he was a bad guy, he still had some rules to follow!

“Now, after I observe your Pegasus, I’ve already made a rough sketch about her equipment, and I roughly estimate that you at least need 80.000 stars coin for it!” The broker said as he handed Dio his rough sketch.

“Damn, is it really that expensive!?” Dio asked curiously.

Dio only had around 50.000 stars coin on his account. Furthermore, Dio was a little bit suspicious of the broker as he knew that 100.000 stars coin could buy a small spaceship with two cabins!

The broker caught Dio’s suspecting eye, and he sighed as he knew that he had to explain it all. “Now, don’t judge me just yet!

I assure you that I’m not ripping you off! Following your requirement, the base of your Pegasus’ armour is a rare metal that was expensive, to begin with! Plus, because of the unusual appearance of a Pegasus, it had to be worked on by the master itself! There was another issue with the oxygen equipment and the pressure and temperature regulator equipment! Those were not cheap! All of that plus my intermediary fee 80.000 stars coin was already a bargain!” the broker said as he sighed once more.

After Dio listened to the broker’s word, he was surprised as he didn’t expect his pursuit to perfection would be this expensive!

But Dio knew that he couldn’t compare Pegasus’ armour with the metal used to build a spaceship! Pegasus needed a flexible metal and hard enough to hold for impact!

If the metal used was the one to make a spaceship, the Pegasus would lose its speed!

Dio also knew that despite the material cost and other stuff, the seller himself had to make some profit out of it!

But Dio didn’t expect the broker’s price for his service was that high! He had to think about this for a while. He couldn’t just spend all his money in one go like this!

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