Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 345


Dio clearly didn’t have enough money for now! he had to find a way to make money quickly as he couldn’t really stay in one place for too long!

So, he left the broker’s place, but the broker immediately stopped him once more!

“I am sorry, but can you tell me your profession? I might have some high rewarding task for you if you need it! It doesn’t matter if you are wanted criminal or anything, customer’s discretion is our professional ethics!” the broker said curiously.

“I am a bounty hunter! I would like to see the task first before I would agree to it!” Dio said casually.

The broker nodded and immediately pulled out a glass scanner and a monitor. The broker asked for Dio to swipe his identity card to the scanner as he needed to know Dio’s track record.

Dio swiped his bracelet that served as his identity item, and his data immediately showed up on the monitor.

The broker was shocked to see that Dio had a 100% success rate on his jobs with only three months on his belt!

Not only that, but Dio also completed a high-risk bounty that worth above 10.000-star coins! The broker knew that leaving the task to Dio could return as a surprise!

He knew that he would have nothing to lose as he has already entrusted this task to several other people.

“I believe that you have the capability to finish this task! Now, all you need to do is find this thing and bring it back to me! I will pay you 100.000 stars coin for it!” The broker said as he handed over a tablet that contained the image of an iron ball with a complicated carving. Dio was surprised as he knew what this iron ball was!

This was the shell that housed Power Gem!

It seemed this broker was the one who sent Yondu to find this iron ball, and once Star-Lord came to deliver it, the broker informed that Ronan also searched for the ball that made the broker immediately kicked Star-Lord out of his establishment.

“Didn’t you have to follow some official process on this bounty hunt? Or is this just your personal request?” Dio asked the broker with a smirk on his face.

“No, I am just a middle man! The customer wants to avoid unnecessary trouble, and thus he makes it look like it was an illegal bounty! But I can assure you that the reward is real!” the broker said confidently.

“A hundred thousand for this? really?” Dio said as he smirked knowingly to the broker. He knew that the collector would pay at least 4 billion stars coin for this Power Gem!

He wanted to refuse the task and find the Power Gem for himself that he would later sell to the collector!

But he immediately remembered that this Power Gem was also the one thing that kick-started the entire Guardian of Galaxy team up!

“Please trust my credibility for this one! I would never take advantage of my customer!” The broker said solemnly.

Dio knew better. He knew that the broker must have a better deal than he kept from Dio, but for now, he was interested in Guardian of the Galaxy’s progress! And so, he accepted it!

“Send me the information! But once I brought it back, you better have the money for me!” Dio said casually, but he knew that if the broker kicked him out just because the broker learned that Ronan also wanted to have the iron ball himself, Dio clearly wouldn’t let the broker get away with it!

“I am relieved that you agree to take it!” the broker said as he immediately sent the information regarding the Iron Ball’s whereabout to the tablet that Dio held.

After that, Dio immediately returned to the battleship with Galaxy! For now, he knew that he didn’t have to go out of his way to search for the Iron Ball as he knew that Star-Lord would bring it there himself!

He only had to take advantage of the mess between Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot later!

After purchasing 10.000-star coins worth of gas and resources, Dio frowned a little bit as he now realized although Xandar was a beautiful city, the price almost doubled the other places!

But everything in Xandar was guaranteed to have the best quality out of all places, and so he couldn’t complain!

After returning to the battleship, Dio ordered several Dark Elves to lay in wait near the broker’s place in order to ambush Star-Lord later.

He also told the Dark Elves to notify him as soon as they saw a talking raccoon and a walking tree together! Dio knew that if Rocket and Groot were sighted, Peter Quill wouldn’t be far behind!

As for now, Dio wouldn’t sit around doing anything either! he would go and collect some bounty while he waited for the good news from the Dark Elves that he left in Xandar!

. . . . . . .

At the same time, the plot played like it was supposed to be. Yondu, who got himself the task to recover the Iron Ball, ordered a young earthling that he took as a child to take it for him! Yondu knew that Peter Quill, who gave himself the name of Star Lord was a genius in finding things!

Peter Quill was the space version of Tony Stark! He was eccentric, playboy, and a huge sarcastic prick!

The only thing that made him different from Tony was Peter’s love of classical music that his mother left him before she died on earth!

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