Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 346


Dio’s battleship slowly descended into a desolate planet!

“Analyze air composition…”

“Detecting cosmic radiation…”

“Send a search team to find the target location…”

The Dark Elf operator said hurriedly as he noticed that the planet wasn’t safe to inhabit.

. . . . . . .

A few minutes later, a huge amount of data was transferred to Mapedoff, and he immediately sends it over to Dio!

But strangely, the planet was rich in oxygen, and there was almost no harmful gas anywhere! So, the desolation of this planet was bizarre!

But nonetheless, Dio’s task there is to find and rescue a team of scholars who crashed into this planet and has been lost in contact with the Nova Empire ever since.

But that was the second mystery that Dio encountered on this planet. Although he found the crashed spacecraft that the scholar used, Dio couldn’t find any life signal around them!

This is a troublesome request, but he could nail 30.000 stars coin by completing this task!

“Mr. Dio! Is this mission dangerous?” Crystal asked as he watched the condition on the planet curiously. It was rare for Crystal to be awake, so Dio let her see the scene outside from the cockpit.

“Danger always exists, Crystal! They always come the more we don’t expect them! But what happened? You’re rarely awake these days!” Dio said wisely.

“I don’t really know, Mr. Dio! But after I wake up, I felt something bad coming, and now, the feeling was stronger than before!” Crystal said worriedly.

Dio was surprised upon hearing Crystal’s word, and so he asked what Crystal meant by that urgently.

“This planet is dangerous, Mr. Dio! I feel nervous just by looking at it!” Crystal said nervously.

Dio then heightened his awareness as he knew that Crystal wasn’t joking around! Dio had thought that maybe Crystal has woken up because her power had manifested once again, and this time it was a warning for the dangerous situation that she was about to get into!

At the same time, the Dark Elves that Dio had dispatched to search for the scholar group found something and immediately reported back to Dio.

They had found a scholar in the middle of a meadow, who was still alive according to the heat signal that the Dark Elves provided.

But as he looked closely into the live feed that the Dark Elves provided, he noticed that something wasn’t right!

“Sir! Do we order the search team to rescue the survivor immediately? It seems we got company not too far from here.” Mapedoff asked solemnly. Dio realized that with this kind of reward money, there must be many more bounty hunters who were trying to complete this request.

“No! order them to return to the ship immediately! Let the newcomer save the survivor first! We must go up into the atmosphere a little bit. Let them see that we will not stop them if they come close to the survivor!” Dio said commandingly.

Dio wasn’t sure of everything this planet has shown to him this far. Plus, Crystal’s warning really bothered him!

Dio also noticed that the scholar who was still alive in the middle of a meadow just now didn’t have any weapon or any basic survival equipment on him.

There was no way the scholar could stay alive on his own without having anything like that! Because of this thought, Dio realized that the survivor must have been a trap!

The Dark Elves obeyed Dio’s command and pulled up to the sky. The rest of the Dark Elves who flew around with a mini spacecraft also returned to the battleship as soon as they heard that Dio gave the order to return immediately.

Not too long after that, Dio saw that many spaceships of different variety approached the survivor’s spot. Many of them chose to leave the ship, fully prepared for a battle!

But the problem was they didn’t know what they were up against!

Dio also noticed that the people who got off their ship just now suddenly argued as they wanted to rescue the survivor themselves!


“Everyone! Since no one’s willing to back down from saving that survivor, how about we settle things in the right way!” A tall buff red woman with a tail on her back said to all the bounty hunters that argued. Her suggestion is to have one representative of each team to fight it out, and the final victor should take the survivor for themselves!

“I agree! That way, we will save ourselves some time!” A man said not too far away from the red woman’s position.

Everyone on the scene immediately nodded as they agreed to it!

“Before we begin, I suggest that people with a medical background check on our survivor’s condition, it would be a shame if he died while we’re still duking it out, trying to find who is worthy of completing the mission!” The red woman said confidently.

A medic from each team immediately nodded and rushed towards the scholar while carrying a bag of medical equipment and medicinal items.

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