Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 347


The scholar was lying on the ground, waiting for rescue. The Gotas were famous scholars that were known for their adventurous nature.

Once the medic got close to the scholar, they found that the scholar was delirious and mumbling something confusing!

“There was a giant!” The scholar said, but he never looked at the medic even once! It was like the scholar was under some sort of trance!

“This was a trap! Macrophages are here!” the scholar said, still in a trance.

The medic seemed to know what the scholar was talking about and stepped back in horror! But it was already too late!

The ground shook under the medic’s feet, and suddenly a huge mouth appeared from the ground below, grinding the soil with its huge teeth!

The medics and the scholar were immediately swallowed and grinded by the huge teeth!

“It’s an adult Macrophage Worm! Everyone, get ready to fight!” A blue-skinned warrior shouted to snap everyone from their shock!

A huge worm immediately came out from the ground and rushed towards the group of Bounty Hunters earlier with its hideous mouth full of teeth ready to grind everyone!

None of them ever expected to encounter this monster on this planet. It was so big that it was already within the 500 meters radius from the group of Bounty Hunters!

No one really knew how long Macrophages Worm could grow!

“Fire! kill it!” The blue-skinned warrior said as he shouted once again for everyone to open Fire!

The Wor was immediately covered with bullet holes, green mucus-like blood spurted all over the place, but fortunately, it wasn’t corrosive.

Otherwise, everyone would’ve been dead! After that, a loud explosion was heard as the red woman earlier fired a huge cannon towards the worm.

The worm now had a big hole on its body! The red woman was also pushed back from the recoil of the huge cannon, making her unable to shoot in succession.

Even Dio, who was observing the fight from a safe distance on the planet’s atmosphere, was shocked to see the red woman’s firepower!

“Keep bombarding it! Don’t let it run!” the blue-skinned warrior earlier shouted as he knew that the worm wasn’t dead yet!

The bounty hunters immediately threw every grenade that they had and successfully blew the worms in two!

“What a shit day!” the blue-skinned man said as he kicked the worm’s mouth!

“Idiots! Get away from it!” the red woman shouted, but it was all too late! The worm’s mouth suddenly moved and grinded the blue-skinned man alive! This macrophages worm could still move on instinct after a certain period, even if they were dead! This was also the reason why the macrophages worm was classified as a dangerous alpha class!

As soon as they ceased their attack on the dead worm, none of them was in the mood to finish the mission anymore!

Most of them immediately returned to their ships to leave this planet for good, but several people were trying their luck whether they could find some evidence to prove all scholars were dead!

But the ground shook once again!

“Be careful, it was more than one Macrophage here!” a man said, but unfortunately for him, the worm appeared right under his feet! The man was killed instantly as the worm grinded him alive!

Without the man shouting, giving everyone a warning, everyone has already noticed that there were more Macrophage Worms there!

The people near the first worm scattered as they know that they were too distracted to fight back, but unfortunately for them, a dozen more worms popped out of the ground and began sweeping everyone on the ground into their mouth!

The unluckiest of them were those who were hiding inside their ships were also killed by the worms that swallowed the ship whole!

After seeing the horrible scene, Dio’s face frowned! He never expected those worms would have such a high intelligence!

It was clear that the worms used the scholar as bait, and judging from the place they emerged from the ground, it was clear that these worms have already targeted the ships that landed on the ground too!

But as Dio observed once again, he could see that a red-figure was still fighting during chaos!

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