Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 348


The red figure finally started running as the place that she previously stood was now covered with so many angry worms! She could no longer hold her huge cannon as it dislocated her shoulders because of constant use!

But the next scene came as a surprise to Dio as he saw that the worms that rushed towards the red woman suddenly changed direction, ignoring the red woman alone!

Dio then realized that the worms had higher intelligence than he first thought, and therefore, he immediately knew that even though he was up high in the sky, there was no guarantee that he was safe!

“I will go with the Galaxy! Immediately bring the ship higher as soon as the rest of the search and rescue team return!” Dio ordered.

Mapedoff immediately nodded his head as he understood what Dio was worrying about. Mapedoff immediately brought the ship higher, but suddenly the ship shook as a loud bang was heard!

“Sir! The Macrophages were preventing the ship from gaining altitude! We can’t get away!” Mapedoff said nervously.

Dio cursed loudly as he never expected such a risky enemy would appear in a 30.000 stars coin mission!

“Turn on all the thruster! Don’t mind the fuel this time. We must get away at all costs! I will try to kill the worms hanging on to us!” Dio said as he rushed out immediately.

Inside the ship, Crystal looked at the retreating figure as she became more anxious! Although the Macrophages were a huge problem, they were not the source of her worry!

. . . . . . . .

Dio rode on Galaxy’s back with [Reaper’s Gaze] in hand! He knew that he couldn’t fight on land as the ground became his blind spot!

But if he fought in the open air, he didn’t have any blind spot at all! Plus, Galaxy’s flying speed was so fast that there was no way the Macrophages Worm could catch up!

Dio then coated the [Reaper’s Gaze] with his Hamon energy so that it could cut through the Macrophages Worm’s thick skin! With Galaxy’s speed and [Reaper’s Gaze]’s sharpness, Dio cut the worms in half!

The Dark Elf’s Battleship immediately rose as Mapedoff didn’t want the Macrophages to grab onto the ship again!

He even activated the ship’s stealth ability to ensure that the macrophages couldn’t find the ship anymore!

Suddenly, another Macrophages worm stretched out towards the battleship that hasn’t completely disappeared yet, but the worm couldn’t reach the ship as it was already too high!

Furthermore, Dio also slashed the incoming worms in the mouth to block it from coming any higher!

This sudden attack by the macrophages worm scared everyone on the ship! Mapedoff instantly ordered the pilot to fly even higher, and once they were at 3 km high, Mapedoff sighed in relief as he knew that the Macrophages worm couldn’t reach them with that height! Now, all he had to do was to wait for Dio’s return!


Dio was shocked to see that the Worms’ level of intelligence! It wouldn’t attack a ship that high if it didn’t have any mind to make that strategy!

Dio sighed as he knew that he will have to deal with these annoying creatures now! Dio saw another macrophage emerged from the ground once more, but this time, it was toward himself!

Dio sighed and threw one of the implosion grenades into the worm’s mouth, and after a while, it imploded, destroying the worms’ mouth into dust!

Dio now knew why the planet was deserted even though it was suitable for living. It was simply because this planet has already become the Macrophage Worm’s nest!

There was nothing that these beasts couldn’t eat, leaving no other room for another species to live there!

The Macrophage Worm on its own was clearly an alpha threat beast, but if it was a nest we’re talking about, it became an omega threat!

A threat was so dangerous that it was considered a special case! A planet with a Macrophage nest couldn’t be used anymore!

Thankfully, the macrophage didn’t have the ability to traverse the universe! It must be brought in by something else. The usual case was that the egg of a Macrophage was brought inside a spaceship inadvertently, and thus released once the ship boarded into another planet!

If the macrophages worm could traverse the universe on their own, they would become the biggest threat the entire universe would experience!

For now, Dio didn’t know how long this planet has been occupied by the Macrophage Worm, but it really seemed that they’ve already occupied this planet for a long time since it was impossible for them to have this kind of number in a short amount of time!

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