Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 349


Just as Dio thought that he should leave this planet for good, another macrophage broke through the ground and rushed towards him!

Fortunately, Galaxy could avoid the worm’s charge with ease! Dio sighed and threw another Implosion grenade at this worm as he knew that the worm would target him relentlessly!

The implosion killed the worm in an instant! As its body collapsed after some parts were missing due to the implosion!

Galaxy dodged the worm’s splattered blood beautifully! Dio felt satisfied as he used all the material that he bought earlier on Xandar to make this implosion grenade!

As far as Dio knew, he was the only one in the universe who had the technology to create this implosion grenade!

He hasn’t seen anyone who could create anything like this! Dio even made a small improvement to the grenade itself, where if somebody tried to disassemble the grenade in order to find out how to make it, the grenade would trigger, and the implosion would happen!

Dio, who still flew with Galaxy, looked down and saw that the ground was already covered by the worms!

It was a really horrifying and disgusting scene! But nonetheless, it was just a worm! So, if he maintained his altitude, it wouldn’t be able to reach!

Dio realized that he could order the black battleship to fire on the worm, but it would be a waste of resources!

This time, Dio was ready to leave this planet, but he hesitated once again. He knew that the mission wasn’t done yet. If he left like this, he wouldn’t get anything, plus his perfect mission completion record would also be broken!

But the only problem was that the reward for this mission wasn’t worth the risk at all!

So, he immediately contacted Mapedoff and told him to follow Dio, but the ship should stay on the same altitude as before!

He wanted to see if there was anything that he could grab as proof that all of the scholars have been annihilated!

Dio saw that the ground where the scholar was used as a bait by the worms earlier was already back to normal!

He occasionally saw a few small worms grinding a weapon or a piece of metal that didn’t belong to this planet!

This was also one of the Macrophages’ abilities as it could restore the ground that it destroyed back to its former state!

Dio finally saw that a red-figure was lying on the ground where the scholar was seen earlier! Dio instantly knew that the Red Woman was used to become the next bait for the worm’s prey!

Dio saw that she didn’t have any equipment left in her hands as her hands itself were twisted, obviously dislocated from her fight against the worm earlier!

Dio looked away as he didn’t have any reason to save her!

And that was where he saw something that made him smirk joyfully! Dio saw a piece of horn that clearly didn’t belong to the previous bounty hunters!

This meant that it was something that belonged to the previous scholar! Furthermore, the horn was lodged on the dead worm’s teeth, and so, it was clear that it would be easy to take!

If he got this horn, combined with the video that he recorded earlier, the mission would be complete!

Although the reward wasn’t worth the risk, it was still a huge reward! It could pay off for the resources that he burned here at the very least!

Moreover, he could complain to the client and asked for readjustment for the reward too! But as he now was talking about profit, Dio looked at the Red Woman again!

Dio then ordered Galaxy to fly close to the ground and told her to fly away as soon as there was any movement on the ground!

Galaxy immediately neighed in approval of Dio’s order, and soon, she flew close to the red woman!

“Hey! I will save you if you pay me 100.000 stars coin!” Dio shouted to the red woman. Dio immediately cut to the point as he knew that there was no point in small talk! After all, it was simply business, not a scene to make a friend!

The universe was vast, people died every second, so there was no need to think highly of some stranger! If he didn’t get any benefit here, he wouldn’t risk his life to save this woman!

“I don’t have that much money! All my wealth has been grinded to a pulp by these stupid beasts!” The woman said frustratedly. She knew where Dio was coming from. After all, she would do the same thing if she was in Dio’s shoes!

“But I still have 10.000 stars coin in my account. I can give it all to you and raise some money to pay my debt in the future!” the red woman said confidently.

Dio was taken aback by the red woman’s honesty, and that alone encouraged Dio to save her! after thinking for a while, Dio knew that an extra 10.000 stars coin profit wouldn’t hurt anybody!

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