Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 350


Dio nodded to the red woman as his way to say that he agreed to the red woman’s proposal. Galaxy immediately swept down, and Dio killed two small macrophages worms that were eating a metal junk near the red woman!

Then Dio immediately flew toward the huge dead macrophages that were in possession of the horn earlier and took the horn in one single swoop!

But the ground immediately shook, and Galaxy flew higher in response to avoid the incoming giant macrophages worm that came out of it!

The red woman was looking desperate as she could sense the worms moved under the ground below her!

She felt frustrated as she felt that she still had a chance to survive if the man earlier saved her immediately instead of negotiating the price first!

But now that she was at death’s door like this, strangely enough, she didn’t resent the man for bailing on her like that!

The only thing that she regretted was that she could no longer explore the universe as she knew that there were so many things that she hasn’t seen yet!

But from the corner of her eye, she saw the man earlier came flying towards her!

“Stop! Don’t come near me! There is another worm lying in ambush below me!” The red woman said to Dio warningly.

Dio was startled to see that the woman was honest enough to warn him like that, he knew that the woman has already given up on being saved because of that, but Dio has not given up just yet! he was determined to get the extra star coins that the red woman has promised!

If the red woman didn’t warn him just now, Dio might be caught off guard when he saw the worm emerged beneath her, but now that Dio knew that a worm was lying in ambush there, he wouldn’t fall for that trap!

“Go! I am beyond help now!” the red woman said frustratedly. She didn’t want the man to die because he was trying to help her!

“Shut up, woman!” Dio said annoyedly. The red woman was startled and fell silent as a result.

But, as she did so, she could feel the ground beneath her vibrate! When Dio picked her up and about to fly away, the macrophages worm instantly popped out!

At the same moment, Dio realized that Galaxy wouldn’t be able to escape the macrophages worm fast enough!

The red woman looked horrified as she looked at the approaching worm’s grinding teeth! But as she looked at the man’s face, she wondered why the man still looked confident in the face of a mortal danger like this!

She even wondered why this man was adamant in saving her just for a measly amount of star coins!

For Dio, this worm wasn’t really a problem at all! he immediately summoned the [World] and stopped the time!

Everything immediately stopped to a standstill under the [World]’s power, and because of that, what danger could Dio face? What trap could lie in wait for him?


Dio then spun his [Reaper’s Gaze] and chopped the macrophage worm into bits! Three seconds passed, and Dio snapped his finger, restoring the flow of time once again!

Everything back to how it was before, except for the macrophage worm! It was already destroyed into bits below them; the red woman was clearly disturbed as she didn’t understand how the worm died just like that!


Galaxy successfully carried Dio and the red woman out of the danger zone, while the red woman was still left wondering about Dio’s ability! she didn’t see Dio move at all, so what happened?

But as she looked around, she finally noticed that the scythe that Dio held was different from before!

It was covered with too many green fluids that obviously was the blood of the worms! Because of that, she concluded that the man had the power of the old gods!

The power of time manipulation, or space manipulation, or something like that!

There was no doubt in her mind that the person who saved her was a very powerful man! She thought back earlier when the man told her to shut up and realized that the worm was no different than a worm that people used to fish for the man!

At this moment, the Red Woman looked at Dio with extreme admiration on her face!

But, the ground on the whole planet began to shake tremendously! Dio was confused by what was happening, but the next scene clearly shocked him to the core!

Thousands of macrophages worms emerged from the ground, like a flood!

Dio immediately sensed the danger that he was in right now, so he ordered Galaxy to rush towards the Dark Battleship in the fastest way the Pegasus could fly!

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