Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 351


Dio finally reached the battleship safely! Everyone inside the ship sighed in relief as they saw that Dio has finally returned!

“Let’s go! We must leave this place quickly! I have a bad feeling about this!” Dio said to Mapedoff worriedly. The medical team immediately carried the Red Woman to the medical bay as she was bleeding in several spots while Dio was still instructing Mapedoff to fly away as fast as possible.

Right now, the planet was swarmed with the Macrophage Worm! There was no ground that wasn’t covered with the worms!

 Dio realized that his action earlier has caused huge trouble now! So, the Dark Battleship immediately moved to get out of the planet!

But at the same time, the planet began to shake heavily, and the ground began to collapse like it would be destroyed!

Dio could feel the vibration even though he was high up in the sky! Dio was confused by what was happening, he immediately realized that the way the ground collapsed was the same as what he saw before!

“Turn off the invisibility tech! Load all energy into overdrive! We have to get away from here!” Dio shouted hurriedly.

Mapedoff immediately nodded and obeyed what Dio just told him to do! Because of Dio’s quick thinking, they successfully got out of the planet, but Dio knew that he burned an unnecessary amount of fuel just to get out of that planet!

But as they were sighing in relief, an indescribably huge macrophage worm emerged from the huge hole in the middle of the planet!

It was obvious if Dio didn’t instruct Mapedoff to get away earlier, they would’ve been swallowed by that King Macrophage!

Even if they were already in space and far from the planet, they could see the contour on the gigantic worm’s body!

They all saw the planet shook violently as the huge worm moved from side to side! Nobody could imagine just how big the Macrophage King really was as it was only its head that cam out of the ground!

This time, Dio immediately realized what Crystal mean by saying that the planet was dangerous! This planet was the home of the macrophages worm’s king that would easily eat the entire planet easily! Dio sighed in relief that he successfully escaped the danger in the nick of time!

The mission would have been failed no matter what, but fortunately, he could make some extra money despite the danger he went through!

“Sir, where do we go from here?” Mapedoff asked respectfully.

“To Xandar! We don’t have to go anywhere else for a while!” Dio said as he slouched down in the captain’s seat. He didn’t have enough fuel to work with anymore, so he decided to take a break in Xandar while waiting for the guardian of the galaxy to come!

After all, he could see the exhaustion on the face of everyone on the ship! The nerve-wracking scene on the previous planet must have caught up to them now!

Just as the battleship set sail toward Xandar, Dio looked at the planet once more and saw that the Macrophage King slowly submerged back into the ground.

He saw that the ground itself slowly returned to normal! The scene was so whacky that Dio had to do a double-take on what he was seeing!

Fortunately for Dio, he has already recorded everything that happened there! Now, he had to get the star coins from the red woman as he wouldn’t take it kindly if she lied to him!

So, Dio ordered a Dark Elf to summon the red woman to the cockpit.

The red woman quickly changed her clothes with the clothes that the Dark Elf has prepared for her, and she immediately went to the cockpit, like the Dark Elf had told her to!

Her medical check showed a positive result, as no macrophage egg was found inside her body!

After she arrived at the cockpit, she showed a courtesy of her people. She bowed in one knee and offered her bracelet for Dio to take!

Dio nodded and took the bracelet from her hand, and swiped it to the tablet in his hands. Her information immediately popped up!

Dio saw that she had roughly 13.000 stars coin, just like what she said earlier! Dio immediately transferred all of it without shame and threw the bracelet back to the red woman!

“Now, you are clear to go! I will drop you off in Xandar later!” Dio said casually.

“No! I am sorry, but we from the Redstar Race held true to our promises above all else! You clearly said that you would save me for 100.000 stars coin, and now, I only gave you 10% of the amount you said earlier! although I have nothing now, I can work for you until my debt is paid off!” The red woman said confidently.

Dio was confused! He obviously couldn’t reject her offer as she was determined to serve him, but to be honest, he didn’t mind! Obviously, she was one of the elite warriors in the entire races, but compared to Dio’s ability, she was still far from exceptional!

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