Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 352


Dio once again stepped his feet on Xandar’s soil! This time, he must have an official statement regarding the mission earlier.

It was clear that the reward was too small for a mission of that scale! And he had to ask whoever gave the mission to cancel the mission! So that his mission completion rate didn’t fall just because of this one mission!

And so, Dio took the matter to the hand of Bounty Hunter Union under Nova Empire’s control! He took the Red Woman who he learned was named Red Rose, with him as Crystal was already back to sleep!

“Boss, won’t we be in trouble if we report the task publisher to the Bounty Hunter Union?” Red Rose said worriedly. Although she was a warrior, Dio knew that she wasn’t dumb at all!

She knew that if the discussion with the Bounty Hunter Union went south later, the task publisher could make them the new bounty hunter target under a false accusation!

But for Dio, none of this was a problem! He didn’t care about how much influence someone possessed.

If they chose to make an enemy out of Dio, he would gladly kill them! Dio didn’t even acknowledge Nova Empire as a nation that must be feared!

After all, the only one that Dio had to be careful of right now was only Thanos! That man had an influence as well as power!

“No, none of it mattered to me! But you can walk around, for now, maybe get something to eat while you’re waiting for me to return.” Dio said casually to Red Rose as he walked inside the Bounty Hunter Union.

Red Rose gritted her teeth as she knew that she had no choice here. It was better for her to walk in with Dio than let him go alone.

After all, she has promised to always support Dio no matter what the situation was!

“Hello, this is Bounty Hunter Union Xandar division! is there anything that I can help you with?” the staff asked as Dio walked into the mission room.

“I am here to hand over the mission!” Dio said as he took out the horn that he got earlier. He also handed over his bracelet as the bracelet was the same as the ID card used in space! The staff immediately scanned both Dio’s bracelet and the horn that Dio gave.

“This is indeed an item that was used by one of the scholars! The information was accurate, but according to the request, you have to hand over a certain information before you could finish this mission properly!” The staff said politely.

Dio took out a large transparent plate that was a recording platform that he used to record the situation on the macrophage planet earlier.

“That’s the recording that my crew took while we are at the mission’s planet. It should be enough information there! But I need to get the Task Publisher on trial! The mission’s description is incomplete, and because of that, so many bounty hunters died on that planet! I hope the union can give me a satisfying solution regarding this matter!” Dio said coldly.

The staff was taken aback by Dio’s sudden change of attitude, so he immediately checked the content of the recording that Dio has handed over.

After watching all of it, the staff was horrified! She has never seen anything like this before!

“I understand, I will immediately report this finding to my superior! We will check on the authenticity of this recording, and once it was done, if this information is valid, we will increase the mission reward and put the task publisher on the blacklist!” the staff said hurriedly as she left Dio on the room.

After a few minutes of waiting, a woman came graciously to the room.

“I am the minister of the task here in the Nova Empire. You can call me Nova. I heard that you are demanding a trial for your task publisher?” she said graciously.

“Yes, I’ve already put down the information needed in the recording earlier!” Dio said coldly.

She nodded and walked into the computer to see Dio’s recording. After the video ended, Nova was horrified herself!

“A planet occupied by the Macrophage Worms!” She said to herself in her shocked state. She now realized that the mission clearly didn’t suit its rank that was judged as a C-class mission! This was more like an S-Class mission, or probably a special class!

It looked like this Task Publisher was deliberately feeding a bunch of Bounty Hunter to the Macrophage Worms!

“I understand! Your reward would be readjusted after I held a meeting to review this case! The task publisher would also be sanctioned according to our rules! I will personally make sure this kind of deception would never happen again!” Nova said angrily. She knew that if she couldn’t handle this case properly, things might take a worse turn later!

After all, from the record, more than a hundred bounty hunters have fallen victim to this mission! This was also the union’s fault for not keeping track of the strange record regarding the mission!

“Hopefully, we can reach an agreement soon! Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you that Red Rose was the only survivor of her crew! She has worked hard on her crew’s wellbeing, and now that they are dead, I hope the union can somehow compensate her on that!” Dio said coldly.

“I understand, I will report it in the meeting, and I also hope we can come up with a  solution to this problem soon! I will make sure that everyone was compensated for this incident! But surely, I wish that this kind of information doesn’t spread to the outside world!” Nova said as he took a deep look into Dio’s eyes!

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