Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 353


Before walking out of the Bounty Hunter Union, Dio envisioned the worst possible outcome where the union was in cahoot with the Task Publisher, and thus the union would try to shut Dio’s mouth before he could talk about this problem!

But this was all just Dio’s own imagination, but if it came to it, Dio just had to take the union down!

“Report captain! We found a trace of Zen-Whoberis race nearby!” The Dark Elf spy reported to Dio. Dio immediately realized that it was Gamora! She was the only Zehoberian left after Thanos massacred her race!

Dio knew that Peter Quill wouldn’t be far behind! Dio knew that Gamora was here to ambush Peter as Dio was also doing the same thing!

She wanted to give the Iron Orb to Thanos, while Dio simply wanted money out of it!

Dio immediately checked the Bounty Hunter Network as he knew that Peter should be in the system thanks to betraying Yondu!

Peter Quill, also known as Starlord.

Status: Wanted Alive.

Reward: 40.000 stars coin.

Publisher: the ravagers, Yondu Udonta.

Requirement: Captured alive, missing some limbs is allowed!

Dio smirked as he found Peter’s bounty mission. The Guardian of Galaxy plotline has begun! He immediately rented a room to stay nearby the marketplace, where Peter would come to hand over the mission himself!

Because of that, Dio sent Red Rose to the battleship as it was easier for him to work alone now.

Dio extended his stay on Xandar for a couple of days in pretense to make sure that his ship was all repaired and work normally!


The next day, the Dark Elf Spy that Dio had stationed in several places around Xandar reported back to Dio that they found Rocket Raccoon and Groot! But there Starlord was still nowhere to be found!

It wasn’t until the third day that Dio finally found Peter strolling lightly near the government building!

“Hey, Peter!” Dio said to draw Peter’s attention.

“Have we met before?” Peter said as he was confused to see a man that he never saw before calling his name.

Dio smirked as he already knew Peter’s character for a long time, but clearly, Peter never saw him before!

“Listen! If you want my signature, you will have to wait! I have things to do first! We can go to a pub after that, how does that sound? Good?” Peter said with his casually annoying attitude.

“Hmm, that was a good offer, but I am here to cash in your 40.000 bounties! So, I will give you a chance to run!” Dio said as he smugly smiled at Peter.

“Oh, wow, I never saw that coming! Sike, you better walk away now!” Peter said as he pulled out his weapons!

Dio sighed and close his distance with Peter almost instantly and shock him with [Red Hot Chili Pepper]’s power!

Peter never had a chance to shoot as Dio was as fast as lightning itself! Peter immediately fell to the ground as he was tasered.

Dio had made sure that he wouldn’t cause any permanent damage to Peter and made sure that the electricity that he used to shock Peter was only enough to make him faint!

Dio then put Peter outside of the broker’s place while making sure that he tied up Peter’s hand and feet.

Dio also took the Iron Orb from Peter’s possession and took away his weapons too! Dio then immediately entered the broker’s shop as he knew that he had to be quick!

He had to get things done before Gamora, Groot, and Rocket arrived at the scene!

“Hey, I am here to hand over the mission!” Dio said to the broker as soon as he entered the broker’s shop!

“Well, look at that! Looks like giving that mission to you was the right choice!” the broker said excitedly. Dio then put the iron orb on the table and let the broker look at it!

“Now, I would like to be paid in cash!” Dio said as he smirked to the broker as he knew that the iron orb was the real one!

The broker didn’t seem to mind, and he immediately put ten golden coins on the table, where each coin represented 10.000 stars coin!

“Pleasure doing business with you!” Dio said as he put the coins inside one of his playing cards. But Dio knew that the broker wouldn’t keep the iron orb for long.

“You know, I am a little bit upset here! you never told me that the mission was a high-risk mission!” Dio said in fake annoyance.

“What do you mean? It was supposed to be a high difficulty as you have to find it yourself without a sufficient amount of information, not a high-risk one!” the broker said confusedly.

“Well, that is true, but apparently, Ronan is also looking for this item! I had to deal with several of his men on the planet where I found this orb!” Dio said, still in fake annoyance.

“Ronan! Shit! Take it away with you! I don’t want to get involved with Ronan!” The broker said as he shoved the iron orb into Dio’s hand.

“What? Why are you so afraid of Ronan?” Dio said in a fake curiosity.

“Are you mad? He is a maniac! He was furious about the peace treaty that the Kree Empire made with Nova Empire! he was willing to do anything to break that treaty!” The broker said nervously.

“What? So, what do you want me to do with this thing?” Dio said, still in his fake annoyance.

“Do whatever you want with it! but make sure to take it far away from here!” The broker said nervously.

Dio then left the broker’s shop with a big smile on his face!

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