Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 354


Before Dio left the broker’s shop, he still found it in him to threaten the scared lizardman a little bit.

“You know, I can’t do that! This is your request! Now that I have returned it here, this thing is useless to me! If you hand it over to me, then you are basically shoving the danger that comes along with it to me!” Dio said in fake annoyance.

“I’ll give you 10.000 stars coin, but you must leave with this thing and never come here again!” the broker said nervously.

“I don’t think 10.000 stars coin is worth the danger!” Dio said coldly.

“20.000 then, you are the one who brought this thing here, so you deal with it!” The broker said nervously.

“No! give me 100.000 stars coin, and I assure you; Ronan would never look your way! After all, you’re the one who provides this task! Did you not care if I ruin your reputation later? No one will ever accept your task again!” Dio said confidently.

The broker was regretting he ever released the task now! If he would have known Ronan was also looking for the orb, he would never interfere with it!

“50.000! that is my last offer!” The broker said, still looking nerve-wrecked!

“Think of it like this… You want me to get rid of something that could get anyone killed with so little amount of money! So, if I said no here, I think you will be in a lot of trouble!” Dio said coldly.

“You are pushing it here!” The broker said, feeling annoyed that Dio was really pushing it now!

“Don’t you dare to make me look like the bad guy here! You are the one who sent me on this mission, now here I am, bringing what you want, and now you’re telling me there is someone really dangerous wanting this shit and suddenly, you don’t want it and give it back to me to dispose of! You are clearly trying to get me killed here!” Dio said annoyedly.

Dio’s word really hit the broker hard. He knew that whatever he said from this point would be his fault! So, he sighed and agreed to Dio’s request.

“Okay! I’ll find someone to make your Pegasus’s armour later! I still have the data that I got earlier! I’ll make the armour free instead! How about this instead of star coins? I promise everything will suit your request!” The broker said tiredly.

Dio was amused as he knew that the Pegasus’ armour worth equal to 100.000 stars coin, but the most important thing that Dio realized was the fact that the broker didn’t want to lose money, no matter what!

But this deal was acceptable as he needed the armour too! If the armour disappointed him later, Dio could always complain!

“Okay, we got ourselves a deal!” Dio said casually.

“I will need a week to prepare the armour. You can come again after that to take the armour!” The broker said worriedly.

“No, make it five days! I’ll send someone later to pick it up, but for now, I will leave! Don’t try to fool me. You know the consequences!” Dio said coldly.

“You demon! I hope this is the last time we met!” The broker said while gritting his teeth.

Dio didn’t bother to say anything else as he immediately left the broker’s shop looking smug. He didn’t care about the broker as he knew that he could always deal somewhere else!

Dio knew that in the future, the broker would deny him access to any of his mission!

As he stepped outside, he noticed that Gamora has waited for him! He also noticed Rocket and Groot to the side, but he couldn’t find Peter’s whereabouts!

“Hey there! Are you waiting for me, or are you waiting for this thing?” Dio smiled as he showed the Iron Orb.

Gamora’s attitude changed as she saw the Iron Orb and immediately rushed towards Dio to get her hands on the orb!

“Wow, easy there! Was Thanos the one who taught you to steal someone else’s property right under their nose?” Dio said as he flipped Gamora to the ground.

“Who are you!” Gamora said annoyedly. As soon as she heard Thanos’s name, she knew that the man in front of her wasn’t any ordinary bounty hunter!

“Me, I am just your regular jolly bounty hunter! I still have to sell this thing for profit. I hope that you don’t mind!” Dio said as he laughed a little bit.

He was amused at Gamora’s expression as he knew that Gamora was thinking about defecting from Thanos’ side now!

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    He could’ve taken Peter inside, been like, “Y’know just multitasking here, hope you don’t mind”

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      That would’ve been so funny tho, like just imagining it makes me feel all nice.

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