Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 355


“Have you seen this guy coming here?” Raccoon said as he showed Dio Peter’s photo.

“No! this man is a bounty hunter! I saw he was captured by that guy earlier!” Gamora said annoyedly as he looked at Dio.

Rocket and Groot immediately attacked Dio without hesitation. They wanted to get Peter’s bounty, although they didn’t know whether the woman was telling the truth or not!

They knew that Gamora was not a bounty hunter from the way she fought and that alone assured them that she wasn’t a business rival!

Dio sighed as their attack hit his Hamon shield, but clearly, it didn’t have enough power to penetrate his shield!

“That’s it! I’ve had enough!” Dio said as he rushed towards Gamora and hit her in the stomach! She was shocked to see Dio was moving so fast, and she didn’t have enough time to evade Dio’s attack!

Rocker immediately pulled out his shock gun and immediately shot Dio, while Groot sneakily moved toward Dio’s blind spot and immediately extended his arm to grab Dio.

But Dio already saw it all! he pulled Gamora’s body, using her as a shield against Rocket’s gun! Dio then threw Gamora toward Rocket as he knew that Gamora should’ve fainted.

At the same time, Dio roundhouse kicked Groot’s extended arm back to the side!

Their fight was witnessed by a lot of people; more and more people came to watch what was happening! But, Dio saw that Gamora was standing up again!

It seemed the shock from the gun wasn’t enough to put her down for a while!

Dio wanted to spar with Guardian of Galaxy’s members some more, but as he saw that the galactic enforcer was already coming his way, he had to finish this as soon as possible!

 So, he summoned his two ice Stands and immediately turned his surrounding into ice!

He successfully froze Gamora, Groot, and Rocket completely! He knew that it wouldn’t be enough to kill any of them, but at least they would suffer the damage when they were thawed off from their frozen state!

Dio then immediately walked into the crowds, blending in and disappearing easily.

Not long after that, Nova Squadron came and used their Gravity Gun to capture Gamora, Groot, and Rocket.

They were annoyed as they knew that Groot and Rocket were repeat offenders, while Gamora was the princess of Thanos!


On the other side, Dio ordered the rest of the Dark Elves who were observing the place to return to the battleship with Peter in tow!

Knew that the Dark Elves should’ve captured Peter once again as they knew that Dio had no intention to let Peter go.

“Get some water to wake him up!” Dio said to Mapedoff as they reached the battleship.

Mapedoff nodded and brought a glass of cold water that he immediately poured on Peter! Peter was shocked as the cold water hit his body!

“Man! I know that you are a fan of mine, but do you have to kidnap me like this? I will give you my signature if that is what you want!” Peter said with his sarcastic remark. Dio knew that this was just Peter’s way to keep himself calm, but Dio was already bored of Peter’s antic!

“Well, how should I put it, you are already worth 40.000 stars coin! Why would I let you go if you are already worth that much!” Dio said with a smirk on his face.

“Motherfucker! It was Yondu, wasn’t it? fuck!” Peter cursed in annoyance. “You don’t think the Ravager would actually pay you, right? You know that there is no way they would lose money just to get me!” Peter said confidently.

“I already knew that much! They are after the Iron Orb, aren’t they?” Dio said as he smirked knowingly.

“Then why are you doing this! You know that guy was the one who kidnapped me from the earth! He always threatens to eat me! If he knows that I no longer have the Iron Orb with me anymore, they will immediately turn their attention to you! Believe me, when I said this, we are better off selling the Iron Orb then dealing with the Ravagers!” Peter said desperately. He really hated to return to the Ravagers again!

“Okay, that’s a good idea, do you have any place to sell this stupid ball?” Dio said casually.

“I do! We can share the money, just the two of us! Fifty-fifty!” Peter said confidently.

“No! how about 60-40? You 40 and I 60!” Dio said casually!

“You can’t do that!” Peter said annoyedly.

“30-70?” Dio said casually.

“You need me to sell that orb, you know!” Peter said, trying to argue.

“20-80 then?” Dio said amusedly.

“Alright, fine! We will do 60-40! You piece of shit!” Peter said annoyedly.

“Well, you better watch out! I can always just give you back to Yondu if I feel like it!” Dio said threateningly.

Dio’s word immediately silenced Peter as he really didn’t want to get back to The Ravagers anytime soon!

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