Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 356


On one of Saturn’s satellite, Dio rendezvoused with the Ravagers as they’ve already agreed to meet there! The Dark Battleship smoothly landed on the rocky soil while the Ravagers were already laying in wait!

The Dark Battleship’s door immediately opened, and 50 or so Dark Elves came out and neatly stepped aside while Dio walked out with Peter Quill in tow.

Red Rose also came out to Peter’s side, making sure that he wouldn’t do anything behind Dio’s back!!

The Ravagers were shocked to see that the one who successfully captured Peter looked so powerful! The tension on the place immediately rose as the ravagers felt threatened by Dio’s crew!

They were unsure about how the situation would turn out as they knew that Yondu wouldn’t pay them a single star coin!

“Brave of you coming here!” Yondu said coldly.

“I am just delivering the bounty! Now I am expecting my money!” Dio said casually.

“Well, I never think anyone can actually catch this slime! But a deal is a deal! Here you go!” Yondu said as he put four gold stars coin on the table in the middle!

Dio then told Red Rose to take it while bringing Peter to the middle! Throughout the process, nobody dared do anything stupid as the atmosphere was so tense! Red Rose took the 40.000 stars coin and left Peter in the middle.

Peter was nervous as he didn’t understand anything that was happening right now. one second, Dio agreed with his plan to sell the Iron Orb, but in the end, he still dragged Peter back to the hand of the Ravagers!

“The Cosmic Orb isn’t with me! They took it away!” Peter said as he thought of pitting them against each other so he could escape. He didn’t care who won as the only thing that he wanted right now was to get away from Yondu!

Yondu immediately told one of his Ravagers to check on Peter’s belonging, and sure enough, they didn’t find the orb!

“Now, can you please give me what you took away from that boy? That is the belonging you got there!” Yondu said calmly.

“What? Your request was only to bring him in, I’ve never heard that whatever he brought with him would be yours too! If you are in my position, would you give it away?” Dio said as he smirked to Yondu.

“Of course not!” Yondu said as he smiled at Dio.

Dio nodded and immediately turned away as he wanted to leave that place. But as he did so, a familiar whistle was heard!

Dio smirked once again as he knew that Yondu was activating his signature arrow!

Dio turned around, and as the arrow flew towards him, he caught it in the middle of the air!

“Thank you for your gift!” Dio said as he held the arrow in his hand and smirked at Yondu.

Yondu was shocked to see his arrow was caught so easily like that! This was the first time that a scene like this happened!

“What did you just say?” Yondu said, trying to maintain his cool.

“I said thank you for giving me your signature arrow!” Dio said as he burst out laughing.

Yondu immediately waved his hands, and the entire Ravagers immediately pulled out their gun as they were ready to shoot Dio!

Dio was happy to see the scene in front of him. The reason he came there was not to earn the extra 40.000 stars coin, but to provoke Yondu so he could get his Yaka Arrow!

Dio immediately threw some Implosion Grenade towards the ravagers, successfully killing several of them with one grenade!

Then Dio stood in the middle while inspecting the Yaka Arrow in his hand, the Ravagers were still shooting at him, but sadly, none of them could penetrate Dio’s Hamon Shield!

At the same time, Yondu finally had enough! He was frustrated to see no bullet could kill the man in the middle right now!

“Who is that guy!” Yondu asked as he pulled Peter to his side.

“He is a bounty hunter! I don’t really know how he could deflect all those bullets!” Peter said worriedly.

Yondu was furious! No Bounty Hunter should have that kind of discipline and power! He believed the man was someone very important!

Plus, the grenade that the man threw was something out of this world! It could be said a mini black hole in a can!

“Stop! Ceasefire! we surrender, you won!” Yondu said as he knew that his crew could be annihilated if this fight continued! He walked back to his ship while his crew did the same. He needed a new plan in order to get the orb back later!

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