Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 357


“Tie everyone up and put them on the ship! Put several men to fly their ship!” Dio commanded while playing with Yondu’s Yaka arrow!

It was impossible to grab this Yaka Arrow mid-flight, but for Dio, who used Hamon Energy, that was nothing but child’s play!

Yaka Metal had a unique feature that allowed it to establish a connection with its wielder once it was forged into a weapon!

The wielder could then control the weapon with sound! And that was why Yondu always whistled as he controlled the arrow!

The fin on Yondu’s head was used to amplify the connection between him and the arrow so that he could use it from the further range!

Upon his return to the Dark Battleship, Mappedoff immediately prepared for take-off while the entire Ravagers fleet followed close behind.

The Ravagers themselves were imprisoned inside the Dark Battleship, while Yondu got somewhat special treatment. Dio put him on a cell on his own, so he could talk with him!

“You know, it would be a hassle to find you if you didn’t issue the bounty!” Dio said casually.

“What do you want?” Yondu said coldly as he didn’t understand Dio’s intention by capturing him like this.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t have any qualms with you or your Ravagers crew, I just want a Yaka Metal for myself! Believe me. I will set you free and give you back your ship as long as you give me one!” Dio said casually.

Yondu seemed surprised and immediately burst out laughing after hearing Dio’s demand.

“What are you laughing for?” Dio said, slightly offended.

“Too bad for you, the Yaka Arrow that you took earlier was my last Yaka Metal! I don’t have any more in reserve, and I can’t get any more of it!” Yondu said as he still laughed at Dio.

“You are from Alpha-Centaury, right? Yaka metal was a special mineral found on your planet, and you sold it to someone. Isn’t that right?” Dio asked with a slight frown.

“Who told you that? Was it the Collector? Did he also tell you that Alpha Centaury has already become a dead star? Indeed, I brought many Yaka Metals from my planet in order to escape death! But I’ve already sold it all as I still want to survive in this vast universe! So, this is my last statement for you! I don’t have a single piece left of that damned Yaka Metal except for the one arrow you took earlier!” Yondu said coldly.

Dio calmly calculated his move. If Yondu were telling the truth, then going to Alpha Centaury itself would be useless! He could ask for the Collector’s help, but he knew that he would have to pay so much higher for that!

He could sell the power gem to the Collector in exchange for the Yaka metal, but knowing the price for the Power Gem, it would be overkill!

“So, you are saying the Collector was the only one to have this Yaka Metal of yours?” Dio asked curiously.

“If you dare go back to my planet, I would say you can have a whole lot more, but I wouldn’t recommend that!” Yondu said casually.

“So basically, you are useless to me now!” Dio said as he sighed disappointedly.

Dio left Yondu’s cell looking dejected as ever.

“Sir, where to now?” Mappedoff asked as he appeared near Dio.

“Go back to Xandar for now! Then we go back to Knowhere after!” Dio said grumpily. It was time to meet with the Collector once again.


Meanwhile, several people broke out of the Nova Empire’s prison led by none other than the Rocket Raccoon! He escaped with Groot, Gamora, and their new friend Drax!

In order to make sure the Power Gem didn’t fall to Thanos’ hand, Gamora had to make sure Ronan never got the Power Gem!

And with that in mind, Gamora made sure Rocket knew that he could sell the Iron Orb for 4 million stars! That was why Rocket agreed with helping Gamora escaped and searched the orb!

As for Drax, he didn’t care about the money. All he wanted was was revenge towards Ronan as Drax believed Ronan was the one who killed his family!

“Where are we going to find that bastard now?” Rocket asked curiously.

“I think we need to go to the real buyer for the Power Gem! It was clear that the broker already rejected the orb as it was connected to Ronan!” Gamora said solemnly.

“Yeah, so, I still need a coordinate!” Raccoon said sarcastically.

“Who in the universe has 4 million to spare just like that? I know several people were rich enough, but the only one that I can think of is only one person! The Collector! It’s gotta be him!” Gamora said confidently.

“It was great to have a location, but have you already thought about a way to actually take the orb from that person? The last time we fought against him, we got our ass handed to us!” Rocket said angrily. He was still grumpy about their loss to Dio earlier, as he knew that Dio beat them so easily that it was embarrassing!

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