Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 358


Knowhere! A planet that was initially a skull of a dead Celestial! It wasn’t until a few hundred years ago that Taneleer Tivan turned the skull into his home base by selling the tissue sample of the dead celestials into the black market!

Until this day, Taneleer Tivan, or best known as the Collector, routinely inspected all his treasures and controlled the black market from behind the curtain! 

“Why is this place still dusty? Clean it up now!” Tivan said to Karina, his personal maid.

Karina immediately nodded her head and proceeded to clean up the place. The Collector shook his head and left her alone, not knowing that the pink-skinned maid has had enough of Tivan’s arrogance!


After such a long time, Dio finally returned to Knowhere, but this place still looked the same! Dio used [Khnum] so the Collector won’t recognize him!

Dio immediately left the Battleship in order to negotiate with Tivan, but as soon as he closed into Tivan’s place, Dio realized that there were a lot of people following him, so he stopped and investigated his surroundings.

Those people immediately showed themselves while looking at Dio coldly. Dio was curious about on whose order did these people move!

But he noticed the men stood around nervously like they had some information about Dio’s power.

“Not attacking me yet?” Dio said tauntingly. Dio then assumed that those men’s purpose was to halt his movement, so he immediately attacked them without mercy as he knew that he could spare several men to guide him to their client later!

Dio then pulled out the [Reaper’s Gaze] from his deck of card to attack.

“You pick the wrong opponent!” Dio said as he started to slice the men in two!


Just as the chaos broke out, Gamora and the others laid in wait in a nearby corner. This was the way they came up with to try and get the orb for themselves!

Gamora has spread out a word that said to capture a stranger that comes toward Tivan’s place, and if they managed to capture the target, she promised 100.000 stars for them!

That was why these men were desperate to stand in Dio’s way!

Gamora and the other sighed in relief as they saw there were a lot of people who went after the target, they saw that the man easily killed the people they contracted, but in the end, he was alone against so many people! There was no way one man could defeat almost the entire Knowhere!

“This is too much!” Dio said as he summoned [White Album] and [Horus]! The enemy suddenly clad in white skeleton-like armour, surprising everyone! But the next scene easily made everyone who saw it shit their pants!

Dio immediately covered [Reaper’s Gaze] with his Hamon Energy, and thus the [Reaper’s Gaze] immediately became bigger! And with [Horus]’s ability, Dio created a huge Ice Spear around him! Dio immediately danced around the battlefield, splitting men in two and impaling several with his Ice Spear!

Everyone who saw the scene was immediately stricken by fear! They couldn’t move from their spot and simply wait for their death in Dio’s hand!

After Dio was done, the people that he didn’t attack fell on their knees with their eyes filled with terror!

The way that Dio killed so many people in such a short amount of time was brutal! Although he moved elegantly, the result was still brutal!

Some of the men were panicking and ran away from the vicinity as they didn’t want to lose their head just yet!

There was no way they would take the risk of losing their lives just for 100.000 stars coin! Not only that, but they would never able to capture such a monster, to begin with!

But several men still had their hopes up!

“That guy is a close combat fighter! Keep your distance and bombard him with a long-range weapon and keep your distance!” one of the men said confidently.

The rest of the men immediately nodded in fear and did what the man said. They pulled out their gun and started to shoot at Dio’s feet and arms.

They were still adamant in keeping Dio alive since their mission needed them to capture the man alive!

Dio shook his head as he knew that the men were too naïve to think that such a half-assed attack would work against him!

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