Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 359


Dio knew that it would be too boring if he used his Stand to kill off all these mobs, so he kept dancing around the field, splitting any aliens he saw in two with his oversized scythe! The armour that the enemy use didn’t give any resistance at all, as the scythe was too sharp!

If killing could become an art, Dio would become the Da Vinci of killing art! In a short amount of time, Dio had taken 200 life easily! With the power of Hamon Energy, everything is so easy!

Those who didn’t run before tried to escape now as they knew that they couldn’t do anything to the man!

They questioned everything on their mind, was it worth it to get 100.000 stars coin with the risk of dying like this?

On the other hand, Gamora and the others looked at the gory scene with a horrified look on their face.

They were shocked to see the man dealt with countless people with ease like that! she believed even Ronan wouldn’t be able to do that!

Gamora began to wonder if this monster of a man would go up and challenge Thanos, her father, what would happen?

“They are all dead! What are we supposed to do now?” Rocket said curiously. “My advice, whatever the plan is, it is not worth it to go against that guy!” He said nervously. Gamora and the others turned their head to look at each other and nodded in silence.

“Let’s go!” Gamora said as she led the rest of the Guardian of the Galaxy back to the ship. But they didn’t know that Dio saw them!

But he decided not to do anything as the Guardian of the Galaxy was a part of something bigger later!


As the enemies have already fallen, Dio immediately put back his scythe inside his deck of card and continued walking towards Taneleer Tivan’s mansion.

He knew that no one could blame him for killing that many people in a short amount of time like this, as this place was one of the lawless zones on the universe!

For instance, if he killed the Collector right now, he would instantly become the master of Knowhere!

But Dio saw that several men were coming towards him once again. Clearly, this new group of people was desperate enough to earn money that they still approached Dio even after he killed so many people earlier!

So, Dio sighed and pulled out his scythe once more to use the ultimate attack! The [Reaper’s Gaze]’s property had the power to charge up kinetic energy, much like Black Panther’s suit!

So, Dio swung the scythe in one powerful stroke, and a powerful energy beam was shot out from the scythe!

A half-moon looking energy beam cut through the incoming enemy easily and cut through the entire building across the street!

There is no one left standing on their feet after witnessing the attack, and of course, no enemy left!

More than 500 people were killed today. Unfortunately, they were dead because they went against Dio! If they chose to ignore Dio after he showed his capabilities earlier, they would be alive by now!

Dio shook his head as he looked over the pile of dead bodies on the street. It was unfortunate for whoever stuck with cleaning this place up!

It would not be easy to clean the bloodstain that literally splattered everywhere!

But Dio knew that it wasn’t his problem!

So, he kept walking towards Taneleer Tivan’s place like nothing ever happened! As Dio neared Tivan’s mansion, several beggars immediately rushed towards the pile of dead bodies and started to strip them of their belongings! After all, the dead wouldn’t have any use of those anymore!

The beggars only left the body behind as they also stripped the corpse out of their clothes! For the beggars, everything was useful, no matter how dirty it was!

It could be said that Dio has helped these beggars to get rich in one night!

Because of that, the beggars wondered if the killer would come again to kill soon, or perhaps the killer could kill Taneleer Tivan for them!

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