Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 360


Whatever happened inside Knowhere, the Collector knew! That was why he was shocked to see an unknown man killing so many of his people over some worthless mission. But he was surprised to see that the man was walking toward his door of all place!

“I am Taneleer Tivan! The master of Knowhere! Welcome to my mansion!” Tivan said politely as he opened the door for Dio.

Dio was a little bit surprised to see the Collector himself was the one to open the door instead of his maid like last time! But he quickly shoved it off as maybe the Collector was the closest to the door!

“I am just an ordinary Bounty Hunter, and I’ve heard that you are looking for this orb in exchange for 4 million stars in the black market recently!” Dio said as he pulled out the iron orb from a card. Dio saw the excitement in Tivan’s eyes and smirked as he knew that Tivan wanted this orb so badly!

“With all due respect, you are definitely a great Bounty Hunter! I will verify it immediately, and you will get what you want soon!” Tivan said excitedly. He then took the orb from the table and put it inside a special machine that immediately rotated the ball in such a way that it immediately opened!

“My new friend, did you know how this universe was made? This universe was made after the previous universe exploded, creating a big bang strong enough to start a new life! There is nothing left from the previous universe, except for six stones imbued with the universe’s power itself! Power, Mind, Soul, Time, Space, and Reality! With this stone, the Celestial carved the Infinity Gem that each one of it could destroy the entire planet!” Tivan said excitedly as a purple light immediately filled the room.

“It’s so beautiful!” Tivan said as he looked at the gem with an obsessed look on his eyes.

“I don’t care. Where is my money!” Dio said with a bored expression.

Tivan immediately snapped back to reality and looked over to Dio again.

“Right, so, how would you like to be paid?” Tivan asked curiously.

“Cash, it was better that way!” Dio said with no hesitation at all. Dio knew that a transaction with the Collector must be conducted carefully. He couldn’t rush it as Tivan was as sly as a fox!

Thanks to [Khnum], Tivan didn’t know that he was doing a transaction with the Midgardian that he met back then.

He never knew that Dio had planned everything in his head! He would leave this Power Gem in Tivan’s care until Ronan came to collect it!

He would then retrieve back the Power Gem from Ronan, and he would be getting 4 million stars without losing anything!

Tivan then came back to Dio with 40 brown colored bars that Dio immediately realized that each bar represented 100.000 stars coin!

Dio smirked since he would become rich overnight! With this much money, Dio would be able to build his own base somewhere in this universe!

Although he really missed Earth right now, it was far more profitable to open a business on the universe than on Earth! But he would go back to Earth again sometime soon!

“Pleasure doing business with you!” Dio said as he put all the brown bar inside a card. Dio then immediately left Tivan’s mansion and immediately walked into a corner to transform into someone else, immediately ditching the appearance that he got earlier!

He even came prepared with another set of clothes to make it harder for those who have been following him to notice him in the crowd.


“You lost him?” Gamora asked furiously.

“Well, I don’t know what that guy did, but he walked into a dead end and simply vanished into thin air!” Rocket said frustratedly.

“Well, we have to catch him to get the money and the information about the orb!” Gamora said angrily.

“Do you think I don’t know that? I’ve already searched for him inside the casino, and I didn’t see him anywhere there!” Rocket said frustratedly.

Gamora frowned as her plan failed again! If the orb was already in Tivan’s hands, then there was no way she could take it by force!

Even if Ronan tracked back the orb to Tivan, Gamora didn’t even think the blue giant would be able to take it!

With that in mind, Gamora made another plan! This time, he was planning to kill Ronan with the help of Tivan’s army later! Now, Gamora must find a way to convince Rocket and the others about her plan!

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