Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 361


Surely, Ronan caught the news about the orb being in the collector’s possession, and in no time, he arrived at Knowhere to get it himself!

Many people thought that Ronan was mad because not many people dared to attack Knowhere as it had massive firepower backing it!

But Ronan didn’t care! All he wanted was to get his hands on the Power Gem. Anything else didn’t matter to him right now!

“Attack that place! Kill everyone that tried to get in our way! I want Tivan to crawl his way for mercy!” Ronan commanded coldly.

Ronan’s army immediately obeyed and swarmed Knowhere, attacking anything that moved!

Taneleer Tivan was surprised by Ronan’s attack! He had so many leisure days that he never expected someone would actually attack his base like this!

But he wasn’t deterred by it! in fact, he always lived on a constant worry that he might get backstabbed every day!

He immediately commanded his commanders to counter-attack. Thus many battleships flew from Knowhere to intercept Ronan’s attack!

Tivan has promised a lot of money to everyone who helped to repel Ronan’s army, as Tivan only trusted that a person would work best in the face of a huge amount of money!

But the people were willing to help Tivan because so many of them have considered Knowhere to be their home!

So, they were fighting against Ronan’s army out of anger because Ronan has attacked their home!

Even Dio was surprised by Ronan’s attack as he knew that in the movie that he watched, Ronan was supposed to get into Knowhere without any crude attack like this!

But he also knew that in the movie, Tivan’s mansion was supposed to be destroyed because the Pink Maid who served Tivan held the Power Gem without knowing that it would create a powerful backlash that would destroy her along with Tivan’s mansion!

In due time, Ronan finally landed and walked out of his battleship. However, as soon as he walked out of his battleship, he was immediately intercepted by Drax, who came out of nowhere!

Gamora and Rocket, who saw the scene, were shocked to see Drax has already dragged himself in front of Ronan without them realizing!

“I am starting to regret taking this guy with us!” Rocket said as he rubbed his eyes in annoyance.

“I am Groot!!” Groot said in agreement. Then Rocket, Gamora, and Groot saw that Ronan immediately slapped Drax right in the face, throwing Drax to the side like a rag doll!

“What do we do now? do we help him?” Rocket asked confusedly.

“No, I think it’s better if we stick to the plan! We have to save the people that couldn’t fight first and slip into Tivan’s mansion and steal the orb for ourselves!” Gamora said confidently.

“I am Groot!!” Groot said excitedly.

They immediately left to do their task while leaving Drax to deal with Ronan himself.

At the same time, Tivan immediately went outside confidently, and as soon as he did, many soldiers handling an anti-air weapon arrived in front of his mansion!

With a wave of his hand, the soldier immediately shot the anti-air missile, and the sky was covered with an explosion in an instant!

Ronan, however, was already close by!

“Tivan! You took something that should have been mine! hand it over so we can stop this nonsense!” Ronan said to Tivan coldly.

“Are you dreaming? Why would I do that?” Tivan said indifferently.

“Taneleer Tivan! You are looking at your death! I will raze your mansion with your stupid collection to the ground!” Ronan said furiously.

“Hmmm, you are the first one after a long time who dared talk to me like this! I would like to see what you can really do to obtain such an item from me!” Tivan said coldly.

The collector that had a financial power in the entire galaxy knew that he could buy as many soldiers as he wanted for his cause, and thus he never showed fear for anyone!

Seeing that he was taunted to attack, Ronan immediately roared! “Tivan! I will personally take your head for my personal collection!” Ronan said furiously as he ordered his soldiers to attack Tivan’s mansion.

Nebula then came from the sky while holding Ronan’s Warhammer with her. She then handed it over to Ronan while she pulled out her own gun to fight off Tivan’s army!

Ronan and Nebula were very powerful characters, and thus Dio wasn’t surprised to see they easily handled Tivan’s army in a short amount of time!

After all, even though Tivan could pay so many soldiers to fight for him, he couldn’t buy quality!

However, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket, who were waiting for Ronan to let his guard down, immediately attacked Ronan!

Gamora jumped straight at Nebula, causing her to miss her shot and dragged down to the ground, while Groot and Rocket were trying their best to kill Ronan!

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