Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 367


Although Ronan knew that half of his fleet has already fallen, he didn’t care and still land on Xandar’s soil with a smirk on his face.

As soon as the door to his battleship was opened, Ronan’s battleship was immediately bombarded by the attacks from Nova Corps and Guardian of the Galaxy’s ships!

But clearly, it didn’t affect Ronan at all! Instead, he shot a purple energy blast amidst all the chaos and annihilated several battleships as his attack pierced them through!

Ronan felt powerful even though he didn’t hold the Power Gem in his hands; it still gave him tremendous energy that strengthened his body!

But as he walked forward, he felt a chill running down his spine that caused him to stop immediately, but it was too late.

His vision was suddenly blurred by the sudden drop in temperature around him!

“Ice Age!” Dio shouted as he descended from the sky and froze everything in his vicinity! Ronan was frozen solid, but not for long!

The power gem that was embedded on his Warhammer suddenly glowed and thawed him immediately!

“What is this boring trick of yours? And who might you be, the one who dared block my path!” Ronan said coldly.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, but Tivan sent his regards! Oh, he also needs your head, by the way!” Dio said playfully.

“I see. After I destroyed Xandar and kill Thanos, I will lop off Tivan’s head myself!” Ronan said annoyedly. “But for now, your head will do too!” Ronan said angrily.

“Wow, you sure are quite confident, aren’t you? But your Power Gem doesn’t deter me, Kree! You are no different from a naughty boy in front of me!” Dio said tauntingly.

“Stop your blabbering! You clearly don’t know anything about power! Get out of my sight!” Ronan shouted angrily as he shot the purple energy beam towards Dio.

Dio smirked and immediately dodged Ronan’s attack with a slight movement. The purple energy hit a building behind Dio and immediately razed it to the ground!

“You are clearly the one who doesn’t understand about power at all!” Dio said as he immediately hurled several ice spikes that [Horus] made towards Ronan.

Ronan roared and hit the ice spikes that Dio hurled at him with his Warhammer, but he was quickly overwhelmed as Dio didn’t stop his attack and kept sending the ice spike towards Ronan.

Ronan was eventually entrapped by the hundreds of ice spikes that Dio hurled at him, and the look on everyone’s faces was priceless as they’ve never seen a power like this before.

Sure, in this universe, a cryokinesis power was well known but not to this level!

Gamora and the Nova Commander were the ones who were shocked the most! They never thought someone that some nameless bounty hunter could be this powerful!

“Commander, is that person an Old God?” some Nova Executive asked the Nova Commander.

“I don’t know, believe it or not, I’ve never heard anything about him before! But now I am sure he has the ability to kill Ronan!” Nova Commander said confidently with a smile on her face.

The guards and other people on the Nova Command Centre who previously mocked Dio openly shut their mouth in worry of offending the powerful stranger!

If the man was able to kill Ronan while also protecting Xandar from Ronan’s cruel ambition, he would become Nova Empire’s hero!

On the other side, the Nova Corps, Guardian of the Galaxy, and the Ravagers resumed their attack at Ronan’s fleet as they immediately realized that they are still in war!

Ronan’s fleet was also watching their leader losing his ground against the mysterious stranger and started to get nervous as they thought that the stranger was far more powerful than their leader!

In the first place, they were never loyal to Ronan, but as their head was implanted with a bomb, they couldn’t refuse Ronan’s order!

If they could choose their own option, they would never agree to attack Xandar!

“Should we defect to that guy’s side?” One of Ronan’s soldiers asked his friends while still looking at the stranger anxiously.

“I don’t know, but we better make sure that we are safe from the opponent’s force first!” another soldier said nervously.

On another fleet, Yondu saw Ronan fought against Dio with a relieved sigh. He was relieved that he didn’t continue the fight earlier.

Clearly, Dio would mop the floor with his dead body! So, he chose to keep his word to Dio and decimate Ronan’s fleets!

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