Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 368


“You are infuriating me, Mortal!” Ronan roared as he immediately used the purple energy to destroy the ice that Dio created to trap him. the ice instantly shattered while an earthquake rumbled from Ronan’s powerful blast of energy.

The earthquake destroyed the ground around Ronan, creating cracks all over the place. Dio immediately created so many ice walls to reduce the impact on the city and provide himself a ground to stand in!

Dio smirked as he saw that all the ice was destroyed around Ronan, but it was still ice! Dio then ordered [Horus] to transform the destroyed ice shards around Ronan into mirrors, which [Horus] immediately did so!

“What is this? do you think these mirrors will be able to trap me?” Ronan said annoyedly, but suddenly he sensed something moving on the mirror near him, so he immediately looked around to check his surroundings.

He began to think that the enemy had the power of illusion, but he wasn’t quite sure just yet! Ronan frowned as he finally saw a figure covered with white tapes looking evilly towards him from the mirror while holding a sharp knife on his neck!

Ronan was startled and immediately discharged a powerful energy blast on his back, but he was further confused as he didn’t see anything on his back!

He looked back to the mirror earlier, and now, he only saw himself in the mirror. The scary-looking man was nowhere to be found!

But he was already doomed, [Hanged Man] has moved into another mirror and slashed Ronan’s neck! Ronan was shocked as blood suddenly spurted out of his neck! He quickly covered his neck with his hand and used his other hand to randomly punched the air!

The mirror that Dio placed all around Ronan was immediately destroyed! Ronan moved frantically as he looked around in terror while covering his neck.

It was thanks to the power gem’s reinforcement energy that his throat was still left intact like this! But still, the scary man had the power to injure him, which made him scared as he couldn’t see and sense the scary man’s whereabout!

But as the ice shards fell, Ronan looked over and saw a big ice shard fell from the sky right in front of him.

From the ice shards, he could see that the scary man was directing the knife on his eyes! He was shocked as he didn’t see any knife in front of him, which made it extremely confusing!

But as he saw the scary-looking man stabbed his left eye in the mirror, his left eye actually bled severely! “My eye! Fuck!” Ronan roared again while releasing the power gem energy to shatter the ice around him.

Although all the ice around him was shattered to dust, he was clearly too late as he has already lost an eye, and his neck was also sliced open!

He knew that all of this must have been the work of the guy who had the ice ability earlier, and he immediately searched for that man as he knew that he must be watching from somewhere close.

He finally found the man sitting on the ice block not too far away from his place.

“You! how dare you do this to my eye!” Ronan shouted furiously to Dio.

Dio smiled as he looked at Ronan without saying anything. He was slightly disappointed by [Hanged Man]’s performance as he originally intended to finish things off, but it was clear that the [Hanged Man] wasn’t enough to kill Ronan!

But he was slightly surprised to see that Ronan was able to see [Hanged Man], but it was a given as Kree was hailed for their spirit, which allowed them to see the Stand that Dio summoned.

But while it was true, Ronan’s ability to see his stand might be enhanced by the Power Gem on his possession as the Power Gem also enhanced the user’s natural ability!

Now, Dio knew that he had to kill Ronan with his own hands as it seemed [Horus] and [Hanged Man] couldn’t finish the job.

Dio pulled out [Reaper’s Gaze] as he wanted to finish things fast! Before, he used ranged-attack to deal with Ronan. Now, he would gladly play along and entered Ronan’s attack range!

“Now, let us see who has the power!” Dio said as he swung his scythe around, creating a sharp noise.

Everyone was silent as the battle stopped to see Dio and Ronan fought each other!

The Power Gem on Ronan’s Warhammer shone as Ronan charged up power to kill his opponent in one hit!

By this time, Dio had walked into Ronan’s attack range, but he was still confident that Ronan wouldn’t do any damage to him!

He was convinced of it as he summoned [The World] and instantly used its ability!

“Smash the World!” Dio said as suddenly the time has stopped, and everything froze on its current location.

The Power Gem might be the strongest infinity gem among other infinity gems, but it didn’t affect time! Time Gem, however, might be a different story!

Dio then walked towards Ronan and cut the Warhammer from Ronan’s hand with the [Reaper’s Gaze] and then let [The World] to have his fun!

[The World] eyes glinted in excitement as Dio gave permission to attack Ronan! It immediately bombarded Ronan with barrages of punches while shouting its signature battle cry!

‘Ora, ora, ora, ora, ora!!!!!’

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