Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 369


When Dio resumed the time flow again, Ronan was instantly beaten up and flung towards his own battleship while vomiting blood!

Everyone was shocked as no one was able to tell what happened just now! Everyone heard Dio said that Ronan has lost, and suddenly he moved in front of Ronan, while Ronan himself was instantly flung away forcefully!

Everyone wondered if that was Dio’s real power, as it was unbelievably overpowered! Even Ronan, who held the Power Gem, couldn’t do anything to Dio at all!

But as everyone was shocked, Ronan stood up once more, he has already absorbed so much energy from the Power Gem, enhancing his endurance in the process, but it was still not enough to nullify Dio’s attack!

“I am the strongest man in the entire universe! I will kill you painfully!” Ronan said as he waved his weapons, but he soon realized that he only held the bar of his Warhammer while the head wasn’t there anymore.

“Are you perhaps searching for this?” Dio said as he showed the Hammerhead to Ronan. Even though he wasn’t an immortal, Dio could touch the Warhammer’s head as he covered himself with the Hamon Energy, protecting himself from the Power Gem’s energy! But if he held the Power Gem with his bare hands, Dio knew that he wouldn’t be left unscathed!

Everyone focused on Dio once more as they were curious to see what Dio held in his hands, but they were even more shocked to see Dio wasn’t only able to deal with damage to Ronan but also stole his weapon while he was at it! Everyone wondered how Dio was able to do such a thing!

Ronan himself was confused about how Dio managed to dismantle his weapon like that as he didn’t see anything at all!

But on top of that, he had to get his hands on the Power Gem as he hasn’t destroyed Xandar as he initially planned!

Ronan, who still couldn’t accept the reality that he had lost, walked towards Dio despite his injury! On Ronan’s mind, he thought that all of this was just an illusion created by the enemy to confuse him!

He was determined to break this illusion and finally destroy Xandar before dealing with Thanos himself!

He rushed forward while holding the bar of his Warhammer to attack Dio, but he little did he know that this was not an illusion, that Dio truly has beaten him fairly!

And so, Dio retaliated by swinging his scythe swiftly, causing Ronan to freeze in place, slowly losing the light on his eyes!

Ronan’s body eventually collapsed, and as he fell, his head rolled on the ground! not only that but, Ronan’s prized battleship was also cut in half behind Ronan and exploded for whatever reason after being cut in half!

The surrounding was covered in fire, and the only one who stood in the middle of it all, completely unfazed, was Dio! The scene that enveloped before their eyes shocked everyone to their core!

It was clear on everyone’s mind that Dio was far more dangerous than Ronan could ever be!


The pain of war was clearly seen on Xandar’s population as some of their relatives and close friends were killed in the city, but everyone knew that the only one they could blame had met his end, and there was no one else to hate!

The Guardian of the Galaxy, the Ravagers, and Dio’s crew were credited as the war hero for their performance!

At the banquet, Dio didn’t join the party as he used Nova’s medical centre instead! He wanted to see whether the Nova Empire’s medical technology could detect anything wrong with Crystal, who kept falling asleep randomly. But the result still disappointed him.

“I am very sorry, sir, but this is not a disease! The patient’s chaotic sleep pattern might have something to do with the unknown energy that was trapped inside her body! But we couldn’t help her as the spiritual and energy-based anomaly wasn’t our forte!” the doctor said honestly to Dio.

That was the truth. The doctor there has never encountered anything like this before. That was why they couldn’t help identify Crystal’s sickness, but they believed it had something to do with the energy inside Crystal’s body!

The Nova Empire was a race that was sensitive to fluctuating energy. That was why they could tell that Crystal had an enormous energy reserve inside her body like a battery!

Dio sighed and nodded to the doctor as he understood that there was nothing that they could do here.

Dio thought over about what he should do and decided to ask Tivan later about Crystal’s matter.

As Dio leave the medical centre, he met with the Nova Commander once more. “Can we talk for a while?” The Nova Commander asked Dio as they walked together. Dio nodded his head and continued to walk with the commander.

“I know that words don’t mean much, but I thank you for what you have done for us. On behalf of the entire Nova Empire, we are grateful to receive your help!” Nova Commander said solemnly.

Dio nodded and then stopped walking, “Does the Nova Empire want to keep the Power Gem? I will gladly let you keep it from any bad people’s hand!” Dio said with a smile on his face.

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