Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 370


“That isn’t necessary! You are better suited to keep it than we ever will ever be!” the Nova Commander said to Dio with a smile on her face.

Dio was surprised by the Nova Commander’s answer as it would mean the plot has changed once again. But it didn’t matter for Dio as long as Thanos didn’t get his hands on all Infinity Gems!

“Our Nova Empire has always demanded peace and rejected war, but Kree Empire was against our ideology! And that is why I invited you to join our empire. We will provide you with all resources that you need!” Nova Commander gave Dio her invitation to join the Nova Corps!

The commander saw that Dio’s power was necessary for the universe’s peace. After all, there was no telling what Dio would do with his power!

Dio was surprised. He never expected this kind of invitation from The Nova Empire, as it was one of the best empires in all universe! Furthermore, the reward was really tempting too!

Dio was impressed by the Nova Commander’s smooth-talking. No wonder why she gave the Power Gem so easily to Dio since it would belong to them anyway if Dio agreed to join the empire!

“That is a very tempting offer, Madam Commander, but I can’t join your rank! This is not my home, and sooner or later, I would have to go back home again before anything bad happened there!” Dio said honestly.

“I see. I did foresee this outcome, so I am not disappointed! But, how about a different approach this time? I propose that we become a union!” She said charmingly.

“Did you just say that we should form an alliance? Between an empire and a bounty hunter? Are you sure about this?” Dio asked, confusedly. After all, forming an alliance between an empire with one bounty hunter was simply ridiculous.

“That is not a problem. After all, you are strong and have a leadership capability above many other leaders in this universe! That is why, in order to help you become a voice of deterrent in this universe, we would like to assist you on that journey! After all, I doubt a man of your calibre will remain a bounty hunter all your life!” Nova Commander said charmingly.

After hearing the commander’s word, Dio was moved! Her words were true. He had to build his own base and continue to expand his power to pursue what he wanted!

After all, he could leave earth anytime he wanted!

“I agree! But first, I need to ask Nova Empire to find me a planet that would serve as my base!” Dio said with a smile on his face.

“That is not a problem, but I am afraid all that we have is an untapped barren planet that would be hard to cultivate! And plus, we couldn’t give it for free! You still have to pay for the price of the planet, but we surely will give you a discount on whatever planet you want, as long as it wasn’t owned by anyone else!” The Nova Commander said quickly.

Nova Commander’s word made sense, and thus Dio understood that he still had to pay for the planet that he wanted! “Okay, if that’s the case, then I would like to search for my own planet! But once I see that it’s a habitable planet, I would like the Nova Empire to take care of the paperwork so I can buy it. Of course, I would like for Nova Empire to provide my new base with everything it needs to operate as a home base! And of course, I will pay for it!” Dio said confidently as he smiled at the commander.

“Okay, if that is what you want, we will help you search for a habitable planet that you can use, but I would say this to you now, furnishing a planet is not cheap. I hope you have that much money on you when the time comes!” The Nova Commander said as she smiled at Dio.

“Relax, I have enough on me!” Dio said playfully. After that, they had a small chat and left with a satisfied expression! The Nova Commander has predicted that Dio would reject her offer to join the Nova Corps and that the second proposal was the real proposal!


The next day, the Nova Empire has provided 16 habitable planets for Dio to choose from, and all of them somewhat met Dio’s requirement.

And of course, the planets had various prices on them, from 1-million-star coin at the lowest to 6.8-million-star coin!

It was clear that the Nova Commander didn’t overstate her word yesterday. Dio really needed a lot of money to own a planet!

But after looking at the planet’s profile and checking it on the underworld market, Dio knew that the Nova Empire was serious about getting on his good side!

These planets that they offered was the best planet that someone would ever want to buy! It has a similar aspect to Xandar, which meant that it would be prosperous if handled correctly, and it would sell around at least 10-million-star coins on the underworld market!

It was clear that whichever planet he chose from those collections of planets would be profitable!

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