Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 371


Dio thought that 4 million star coins that Tivan had given to him for the Power Gem bounty earlier were a huge enough amount of money, but clearly, it was not as much as a price of a planet!

He gruntingly cursed Tivan’s name inside his head as he felt annoyed! He saw that the best planet was at 6.8 million stars coin, but it didn’t exactly become his first choice as it may be not compatible with what he needed!

After a closer inspection, Dio found a planet that relatively fit his criteria! The Avian Planet! This planet was used as a tourist planet due to a large variety of rare bird species on the planet.

Because of this, the planet was very prosperous even though the planet itself didn’t have any intellectual inhabitant except for the caretaker of the planet itself!

But the thing that allured Dio to take this planet was the huge mineral deposit on its mantle. The Nova Empire has ceased any mineral mining because it was bad for the planet ecosystem, which was detrimental for tourism purposes.

But for Dio, who needed a large amount of gold, tourism wasn’t the priority!

Dio also noticed that the Nova Empire has invested 3 million stars coin for this planet’s development and already gained twice that amount in several years.

So, without any further consideration that might change his mind later, Dio contacted the Nova Commander and told her his decision fell on the Avian Planet.

In the deal negotiation, Dio made so many demands for the planet’s development that Nova agreed to take care of.

Although it was a lot of demand, it was nothing for the Nova Empire as they have a lot of resources for something like this!

After the negotiation has been agreed upon, Dio changed the planet’s name into Hamon, a namesake for his Hamon Energy.

Dio immediately flew into the planet to have a look, and the Dark Elves fell in love with the planet! Seeing that the Dark Elves loved the planet, Dio then allowed them to use this planet as their home if they want to!

Because of that, Dio left behind many of the Dark Elves to tend to the planet’s needs! The Dark Elves immediately cheered in joy, knowing that they have a home to return to!

After a few days, Dio then flew towards Knowhere to return Ronan’s head to Tivan and claimed his bounty!

At the same time, Dio freed Yondu and Peter from his clutch as he wanted them to continue the MCU plots on their own.

On the other hand, Dio didn’t realize that his achievement on Xandar has already spread across the universe!

Thanos, who was sitting on his throne, squished the informant’s head as he was annoyed that he had lost the Power Gem, one of the Infinity Stone that he needed for his plan!


In Knowhere, amidst the reconstruction that took place on the planet, Dio immediately went into Tivan’s new home to claim his bounty.

As he entered Tivan’s new collection shelves, Dio noticed that Tivan had begun collecting many rare races once again.

“My friend, you have returned!” Tivan said casually as he greeted Dio cordially. He had already received the news that Dio successfully killed Ronan, which meant he was there to return Ronan’s head and claim his bounty.

“Here, I brought you Ronan’s head!” Dio said indifferently.

Tivan immediately smirked and took the box that Dio used to keep the head from decomposing. He immediately checked the content.

Tivan’s smirk became wider as he recognized the face inside the box and closed it immediately!

“Yes, yes! This is my greatest collection so far! Now, take this into the back and process it as I teach you to do! Also, get me the item in room 1!” Tivan said to his new assistant.

This new assistant of his wasn’t the pink maid anymore, but it was close to human in appearance, and the only thing that made him different from a human was the protruding bone-like spikes on his forehead!

After a while, the assistant came back with a piece of irregular shaped metal!

“Now, here is your Yaka Metal! I think you don’t need me to tell you about its property as you seem obsessed with it anyway!

Dio took the metal and smirked satisfyingly as he finally received another piece of metal to enhance the [Reaper’s Scythe]!

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