Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 372


“Now, as I promised before, I will also give you this Barrier beads! It was the barrier that I used earlier! The only thing I know that could penetrate this barrier was the attack using Power Gem, and that is not a fair one either! I would also give this cane to you; it’s the control equipment for this barrier bead!” Tivan said casually.

Dio nodded his head as he understood that this bead was precious! Even Ronan’s fleet couldn’t do anything about it before it was destroyed from the inside as the Power Gem exploded!

“I am working on a new and stronger defensive mechanism; I am almost done, and because of that, I give you this barrier beads!” Tivan said casually. “By the way, is the Power Gem is on your possession? I could keep it safe for you if you want!” Tivan said casually.

Dio looked at Tivan with a bored look on his face. Tivan had failed to show that he could keep it safe earlier, making it hard for Dio to trust him again!

“Or I can buy it from you, just name your price!” Tivan said, hopefully.

“Before you promise something again, have you recovered the Aether that I told you to keep earlier?” Dio asked, annoyedly.

“I have already created an investigation team to track its whereabouts, don’t worry, I will get it back before long! That was an accident on my part!” Tivan said confidently.

“I don’t mean this in a bad way, but how do you know that the accident that you speak of this time won’t happen again in the future?” Dio said casually.

Tivan frowned upon hearing Dio’s word but soon distracted as a new batch of collections came that required his attention.

After he returned, Dio immediately changed the topic by asking Tivan about Crystal’s condition! He told Tivan about Crystal’s symptoms, and Tivan immediately thought for a while, but he immediately shook his head as he didn’t have a clue himself!

“I don’t deal with this kind of problem myself; it is not my area of expertise! But maybe the Grandmaster knows something about this!” Tivan said while still wondering himself.

“Who are you talking about?” Dio asked curiously.

“Grandmaster, the Creator of Sakaar Empire! you can find him in Sakaar, or better known as the universe’s end!” Tivan said casually.

Although Tivan didn’t say it, Dio already knew that the Grandmaster was the Collector’s brother, real brother!

“Now take this with you. If you don’t have this with you, the Grandmaster will only give you nothing but trouble!” Tivan said as he gives Dio a letter.

“Are you sure about this? a mere letter can get me the Grandmaster’s good grace?”

“I am not sure, myself. All you can do is pray for that! I have a bad relationship with him, so probably you don’t have to give that letter to him. You may be in a worse situation if you give it to him.” Tivan said as he shrugged.


Three months passed, and the construction on Hamon was going smoothly. The tourists who visited the planet to observe the rare bird were still coming, as they didn’t realize that the planet was under a major change!

The amazing thing was that the Dark Elves had built a base for Dio on the planet that was coated with a special coating material, allowing the base to turn invisible on command.

The base was also armed with the latest defensive tech from Nova Empire, creating a strong fortress in a time of need!

Dio also buried the barrier beads that Tivan had given to him around the base for further defenses!

In addition to the base, the first mine exploration has begun! The Dark Elves has selected land with minimal ecological consequences for their first exploration.

Dio was happy to hear that the discovered mineral was mainly gold, with a little amount of rare mineral!

Dio tasked the Dark Elves to continue mining the gold as it was his priority all along!

Dio had to spend all 4 million star coins just to construct the base and the mine on this planet! but since the Gold mine has been found, he didn’t care that much anymore.

For Hamon’s protection in general, Dio entrusted the job to Red Rose as she had the experience in military training.

She led her own team of defenders to make sure that the planet was safe from anything that could cause harm!

Dio asked the Dark Elves’ to focus on research and experiments on new weapons and equipment as it was the best thing they could do, or it would be a waste of such a great talent!

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