Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 373


With Hamon’s construction going smoothly, Dio was prepared to leave towards Sakaar to take Crystal to the Grandmaster! So, once again, the Dark Battleship took off to space with another mission!


In the vast universe, countless lives were born with different personalities. Some of them loved peace, and some others loved the chaotic war and aggression!

And Kree was one of that war-loving races that kept on invading many planets for their own benefit!

“The Kree fleet is coming! Quickly, warn everyone to escape!” the Nova Legion Commander said to his communication officer.

“Didn’t we sign the non-aggression treaty, sir?” The communication officer said confusedly.

“No, it’s all in the past now. Ronan broke the treaty!” The legion commander said with gritted teeth.

“But, Sir! They are too fast! there is no way we could escape from them now!” The communication officer said nervously.

“Tell them to attack the Kree if they can’t run! Pray to God we survive this!” The Nova Legion Commander said worriedly.

“Understood, sir!” the Communication officer said respectfully. The Nova Legion were all ready to die in the name of their empire!

Sure enough, the Kree squadron began to attack the Nova Legion, and casualties were unavoidable! Several Nova Legion’s battleships were destroyed.

Resulting in a massive loss for the Nova Legion, and it seems the rest of the Nova Legion on the spot have lost hope as they couldn’t penetrate the barrier on the Kree’s Mothership!

But as all hope seemed lost, the Nova Legion Commander saw a meteor coming towards the Kree’s mothership at an incredible speed, colliding with the mothership and destroying it upon impact!

Weirdly, the meteor seemed to rampage around the battlefield, attacking the Kree fleets on the side.

At the same time, the Kree squadrons that have lost their mothership were panicked themselves as they recognized the meteor!

“It’s the traitor! Carol Danver! We have to call the entire fleet here!” The Kree commanding officer said nervously.

“No, it’s too late! We have to evacuate from here!” Another commanding officer said as they nodded and began to withdraw.


Seeing the Kree Squadron began to withdraw, the Nova Legion sighed in relief! Although they suffered a significant loss from this incident, they were still considered victorious as they prevented the Kree’s invasion.

But unfortunately, they didn’t know the name of the hero that saved them from the Kree’s brutal invasion as they saw that the hero chased after the fleeting Kree Squadron!

But alas, it would be remembered as the bright star that helped them repel the Kree’s invasion!


“Sir, it seems there is a fleet that was being attacked in front of us. What should we do?” Mappedof asked curiously.

“A fleet? Do you know who it belongs to?” Dio asked casually.

“It’s marked with Kree emblem, Sir! It has to be the Kree!” Mappedof said confidently.

Dio paused for a while as he tried to remember what the Kree was supposed to be doing right now. But he didn’t have any idea about it whatsoever, so he decided to observe the situation for now.

“Observe the situation, find out who is chasing after them!” Dio said commandingly.

Mappedof nodded his head and observed while searching for the pursuer. But as soon as the monitor showed a comet-like light that seemed to be chasing after the Kree, Dio immediately knew what he was dealing with!

“Zoom into that comet!” Dio ordered curiously.

The Dark Elf obeyed, and soon, Dio saw a woman figure beneath all the lights, and he smirked as he found one of the strongest characters on MCU!

“Activate all weapons, target the Kree Fleet, and do not let any of them go!” Dio commanded excitedly.

The Dark Elf immediately obeyed and fired at the Kree Fleet as soon as possible. After a while, the fleeing Kree Fleet has annihilated thanks to Dio and the Dark Elf’s advanced weaponry.

It was clear that they no longer had any escape route as Dio’s dark battleship blocked their path, while Carol, Captain Marvel, was chasing after them from the back! Annihilation was the only fate left!

But there was no time to celebrate as Carol floated in front of Dio’s ship with curious eyes. Dio smirked as he finally saw the ever so beautiful Captain Marvel from up-close!

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