Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 374


Carol was surprised herself as usually no other force in the galaxy wished to make an enemy out of Kree. But for once, she found an unknown battleship aiding her to annihilate the Kree fleeing fleet!

But as soon as she got close and saw who is the one helping her, she was quite shocked to see a human on the captain’s seat commanding over the Dark Elves! Furthermore, the human seemed to be looking at her intensely.

“Take a picture. It might last longer!” Carol said sarcastically.

“Don’t take it the wrong way, but you are not my type!” Dio smirked innocently.

“Well, we are in the same boat!” Carol said, still with her sarcastic attitude. “Well, why don’t you introduce yourself, earthlings!” Carol said annoyedly.

“Of course, my lady! My name is Dio, and I am a bounty hunter! Now, may I hear who you are, my lady?” Dio said sarcastically.

Although Dio’s way of speech annoyed her, Carol took an interest in the man in front of her as she has heard of that name before! “You are Dio, the one who killed Ronan on Xandar?” Carol asked excitedly.

“Well, you should introduce yourself first before you ask another question, or is it not how it works here in space?” Dio said sarcastically to annoy carol.

“I am Carol Danvers! Now answer my question!” Carol said annoyedly.

Carol then entered Dio’s ship as she wanted to have a conversation with Dio.

As she entered the Ship, Dio smirked and shook her hands in a friendly manner. But he accidentally dropped the orb that contained the Power Gem, which attracted Carol’s attention!

“What is that?” Carol asked.

“Why don’t you find out yourself!” Dio smirked again towards Carol.

Annoyed once more, Carol picked up the orb and opened it. She was shocked as soon as the orb opened, and purple light blasted straight onto her face!

With her power came from cosmic power itself, she immediately knew that the purple gem inside the orb was none other than the Power Gem itself!

There was no doubt on her mind that the man in front of her right now was the one who killed Ronan as it was informed before that Ronan possessed the Power Gem!

But she was confused with Dio’s behaviour as they were basically a stranger, but Dio willingly showed her something as precious as this Power Gem!

Wasn’t he afraid that she would fly away, taking the Power Gem with her? Or was there something else that she didn’t know about?

“Who the hell are you, and why are you willingly showing me this thing?” Carol asked alarmedly as she thought that Dio had a trap set to trick her.

“Easy there, tiger, it’s just a stone. Why do I have to hide it away!” Dio said casually.

“Just a stone? Then you wouldn’t mind if I take this stone with me, right?” Carol said sarcastically.

“Take it if you want, but don’t misunderstand, as I said before, you aren’t my type!” Dio said as he smirked at Carol.

She was startled by Dio’s word as she never expected anyone would willingly give up one of the Infinity Stone like this! But she didn’t know that Dio really meant what he said!

As long as the Infinity Stone wasn’t gathered in one spot along with the Infinity Gauntlet, he didn’t care who held the gem!

But his casual attitude made Carol reluctant to take the Power Gem from him as she felt that there was something more to this Power Gem than she currently knew of.

But Dio’s emphasis on saying that she wasn’t his type really annoyed her to no end! But after a deep breath, as she tried to control herself, she closed the orb and gave it back to Dio.

“I don’t know what you are trying to do with this gem, but if you commit some evil shit using this gem, I will destroy you!” Carol said coldly.

“Then why don’t you take it with you?” Dio said curiously.

“I don’t wanna!” Carol said annoyedly.

Dio then shook his head and immediately invited Carol to sit in the lounge.

“Now, let me reintroduce myself. My name is Dio Brando. I am from Earth! You can call me Dio.” Dio said casually.

“You really are from the earth!” Carol said surprisedly. Although she knew this from the start, when Dio said it himself, she felt nostalgic as she hasn’t returned to Earth for a long time.

But she also didn’t believe it at first as she knew that Earth still didn’t have the technology to explore space, at least that was 30 years ago!

“Why? Did you doubt that I come from Earth?” Dio asked curiously.

“That’s not it, but as far as I know, the Earth still didn’t have the technology to traverse space!” Carol said excitedly.

“Have you ever been to Earth?” Dio asked casually, although he knew that Carol was from Earth herself!

“Well, I have a long time ago!” Carol said while she tried to remember her time on Earth.

“Well, if you go to Earth, then the annoying SHIELD would be on your ass!” Dio said as he laughed a little.

“You also know SHIELD? I also know them, I am close with one of them, his name was Agent Nick Fury!” Carol said excitedly.

“Damn, that man was no longer an agent, but he has already become the Director of SHIELD!” Dio said with a frown. “He was a hard ass! Annoying people left and right, but sure; he has a good moral on his shoulder!” Dio said annoyedly.

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