Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 375


After having a shared conversation about Earth, there was no doubt on Carol’s mind that Dio was really from Earth!

So, she stopped keeping her guard up and talked more casually to Dio. She felt nostalgic as she never met any Human before Dio.

And she also shared a common enemy with Dio, and that was the Kree empire!

Now, she was a nomad, wandering between planets while destroying Kree fleets whenever she laid her eyes on one, so she could maintain peace in the universe!

But it was tough as no matter how many times she maintained peace, chaos still ensued on many planets, with or without the Kree’s intervention!

But now that she found another Earthling, just like her, she thought it would be great to have a vacation for a while and see what the guy was up to!

“Are you going to Sakaar? I am going there too! Do you mind taking me along with you?” Carol asked, hopefully.

“Well, of course! Why wouldn’t I want you here?” Dio said with a smile on his face. But, Dio knew that he shouldn’t annoy Carol too much as she could incidentally destroy the Dark Battleship in a fit of anger!

Dio then ordered the Dark Elf to clean a room at the end of the hallway, the farthest room from his own room!


Sakaar, the 4th planet inside the Tayo Star system! Like Earth, it was the only planet that had sentient life! Not only that, but the location of Sakaar was a unique one.

The planet was connected to several wormholes. But apparently, Sakaar was on the receiving ends of it, causing a massive scrap piled up below the wormhole.

But because of those garbages that other galaxies dumped on Sakaar, it thrived on the technological knowledge that the people got from the garbage.

As the master of this planet, The Grandmaster managed the social order and developed a unique culture. He created a colosseum-like place where he created a gambling culture.


In the vast universe, Dio’s Dark Battleship finally arrived at the wormhole that was connected to Sakaar.

“Sir, the target has been located!” Mapedoff said respectfully.

“Jump at full speed!” Dio said casually.

Mapedoff nodded, and immediately the scenery changed! Now, Dio was flying above a junkyard. He looked out of the windows and noticed that the sky was filled with so many wormholes in different sizes.

Some of them even were still spewing some junk from whatever galaxy the wormhole connected to!

It was like a rain of garbage that never stopped!

“Is this Sakaar? It looks disgusting!” Carol said as she looked around the window.

“Well, I am here for business anyway. So, what are you up to while I am gone?” Dio asked Carol casually.

“I don’t know myself, but I am here just because I am curious about this place! Maybe, I can help your business in some way?” Carol asked curiously.

“Well, if you want to come, you surely can, just do what your heart told you to do!” Dio said casually, but in truth, he didn’t really care what she would do.

When Dio landed on a somewhat empty clearing, a group of scavengers came while pointing a laser gun towards Dio and Carol, who just came out of the battleship.

It was obvious that Dio’s Dark Battleship would attract attention as it was so rare to see a unique and beautiful shaped spacecraft coming to Sakaar!

“Hey, don’t you want to clean this up?” Dio asked Carol as he didn’t want to waste his energy on those scavengers.

“Why would I do that? it sounds boring!” Carol said casually.

Dio sighed and ordered Mapedoff to clean the scavengers up! Mapedoff nodded and quickly shot the scavengers with the battleship’s gun, instantly reducing all of them to ashes!

“The enemy has been taken care of, sir!” Mapedoff said respectfully.

“Great, now enter stealth mode! There is no doubt that the scavenger would keep coming after seeing the ship!” Dio said annoyedly.

“Understood, sir!” Mapedoff said as he immediately activated the Stealth Mode, but apparently, it took one and a half minutes to fully stealth the entire battleship!

Dio then took Crystal, who was still asleep, from her room and walked towards the huge building not too far from where he landed!

But as Dio came out of the spaceships with Crystal, a figure looked at them from a distance. At first, she wasn’t interested in dealing with a bunch of rich people who were probably the Grandmaster’s guests.

But after seeing something that she never expected to see again, she was immediately shocked!

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