Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 376


“Are you going to meet with the Grandmaster?” A woman with a muscular build asked Dio and the others.

“Tania Tivan, the Collector sent his greeting to the Grandmaster, En Dwi Gast!” Dio said as he took out the ring that Tivan gave him earlier.

Suddenly, the woman’s wrist lit up, and the Grandmaster projection appeared before them.

“He really gave that ring to you? well, it doesn’t matter, let’s meet inside!” Grandmaster said to Dio casually.

“Come with me! But I am afraid pets need to stay here!” The woman said as he looked at Carol.

“Pet? How dare you!” Carol said as she floated in the air! Dio knew that if Carol threw a tantrum there, it would jeopardize his chance to meet with the Grandmaster on equal ground, so he gave the woman 100.000 stars coin to look the other way!

The woman nodded and let Carol come with them. Although the woman’s rude behavior still pissed Carol off, she knew that she couldn’t just make a scene here as she knew that Dio must have something important to do.

This building was the centre of the city. The interior inside this building was a contrast to the garbage pile that pilling outside!

Dio also saw that the place had recreational facilities such as Casinos, Bars, Games Centre, and many more recreational rooms!

They finally arrived at Grandmaster’s room, and Dio saw that the Grandmaster, like in the MCU, had a human’s appearance and held a long staff that he pointed to a man struggling on the specially made chair on the side.

Like what he did on the MCU, Grandmaster burned the man on the chair, instantly turning the man into ashes!

“I am sorry you have to saw something unsightly like this! But you know, the flow of time on this planet was different than others, so to appease my boredom, I have to find something fun to do! So believe me, if you stick around, you will not get bored!” Grandmaster said with a smile on his face.

Dio and Carol glanced at each other as they realized that the Grandmaster was a complete lunatic! There was no telling when he could lose interest in something, and if that happened, he could destroy everything.

“So, this is the ring that Tivan gave to me as he suggested me to see you, and with that, I also have a request for you!” Dio said confidently.

Grandmaster immediately frowned at Dio as if Dio has just offended him! it seems Tivan’s word was true! The Grandmaster wasn’t on good terms with the Collector!

“It seems that you have misunderstood something! With that ring, you are free to do as you please on this planet if you have fun! But. Even if Tivan comes here himself, I won’t favour you to anyone!” the Grandmaster said while he was still frowning.

“So, what do you want? I will gladly do something for you if it is still within my ability to do so to get your favour! It’s no surprise that ones have to pay for what he wants!” Dio said solemnly,

“Now that the spirit! It’s simple! Let’s bet on a game. If you win, I’ll hear your request, but if you lose, you will become my property!” Grandmaster said with a smile on his face.

“Fair enough! So, what are we betting?” Dio said while smiling himself.

Seeing Dio agreed to his term, Grandmaster became excited. His long lifespan made him empty and lonely, and thus he devoted himself to create something fun!

Just like Tivan that devoted himself to collecting things!

“I can see that you have confidence in your eyes! Why don’t we bet on the contest of champion!” Grandmaster said excitedly.

This contest of champion was a battle-oriented game that was the signature event of Sakaar! A fighter from all around the universe came here to fight against another fighter solely to earn fame and money!

“Now, I have something special in mind! You must win against a thousand of my fighters, plus my champion! Isn’t it fun!” The Grandmaster said excitedly.

Dio smirked due to the fairness of this bet. Sure, one vs. 1.001 didn’t seem fair, but he couldn’t complain as all the fighter would only become a stepping stone for him!

“But I am a good host! To make it more interesting, I will let you have her as your partner!” The Grandmaster said as he pointed his finger to Carol.

Dio smirked even bigger as it has somewhat become easier!

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