Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 377


The Grandmaster surely looked down on Dio, and the Grandmaster clearly didn’t know who Carol was. Otherwise, he wouldn’t let Carol participate in this battle with Dio.

Dio looked at Carol and noticed that she was somewhat pissed at the Grandmaster’s attitude. After all, she obliterated the Kree Empire’s fleet on a daily basis!

But Dio also knew that although she was unhappy, she wouldn’t do anything to the Grandmaster! At least not right now as she knew that Dio needed this favour from the Grandmaster!

“Now, arrange our guests to a comfortable lounge for them to wait their turn to enter the arena! Make sure that they can’t escape from here!” Grandmaster ordered excitedly to the woman from earlier.

Carol became furious with the rude treatment that she got from the Grandmaster, but Dio immediately assured her that the time to humiliate the Grandmaster would come!

But that was not the only reason why Dio had stopped Carol from punching the Grandmaster. He knew that someone as old as the Grandmaster would have a countermeasure for a powerful person like Carol!

Dio didn’t want to take a risk here right now as he needed the Grandmaster to check Crystal’s condition first!

Carol then calmed down as she noticed that Dio wasn’t happy about the Grandmaster’s treatment either! But as soon as they arrived at the room that the Grandmaster has prepared for them, the anger arose once again!

The room was indeed luxurious with so much space and luxurious items everywhere, but the thing that angered Dio was the queen-sized bed in the middle! There was no second bed anywhere, not even a couch for Dio to crash!

So, Carol, who has reached her patient, immediately split the bed in two violently! She dragged her half of the bed to the other side while Dio did the same to his half to the other side.

Dio then opened the Metal Orb that he usually used to capture criminals, but he brought in a sleeping Crystal with him this time.

Carol has already heard the story on the ship before, but she still frowned as she looked at Crystal’s sleeping form.

She could feel that something was not right about Crystal, but she wasn’t sure what it was that led her to this conclusion!

But with Dio’s rudeness towards her, she didn’t want to talk about her concern with him!

But since Dio believed that the Grandmaster could help him, Carol for once thought of helping the little Crystal to regain her consciousness.

But then, Carol noticed that Dio looked back at her with a questioning gaze, so she just scoffed and took a towel for her bath!

Once she was done taking a shower, she walked out with only a towel on her body, her profile was hot enough to make any men lusting over her, but strangely for Dio, he couldn’t find it in him to like her romantically!

Some people could say that Dio was a fool, but for him, Face and body appearance didn’t really matter, although he could argue that he preferred his woman to be beautiful and sexy too, but the most crucial thing for Dio was her personality, and apparently, Carol’s fiery personality was not for Dio!

For Carol herself, she came out with only her towel on purpose to see Dio’s reaction, but after she walked around a little bit and even bent over to take some clothing from the floor, he noticed that Dio didn’t even look at her!

She was fuming in silent anger! Was she really that unattractive for Dio to even look at her? This was the first time that a man didn’t even look at her like this!

She became more determined to make Dio fall for her, even if Dio wasn’t his type at all!

After Carol left to wear her clothes, Dio sighed as he knew that he just unknowingly taunted Carol to make a move on him! he sighed for the second time as he knew that this would be a long night!


The woman that was the Grandmaster’s trustee earlier came to Dio’s room first thing in the morning to inform him that his turn has come.

Dio nodded and immediately put Crystal inside the Metal Orb once again. He knew that he couldn’t trust anyone in this place to look after Crystal for him.

However, the woman looked at Dio and Carol in pity as she thought that Dio and Carol would die today, or at the very least, both would become the Grandmaster’s slave!

Dio and Carol followed the woman to the battle lounge before the arena gate, where he saw so many weapons and gears on the shelf put in order.

“You can choose anything you want to use here if you don’t have your own.” The woman said indifferently before she walked away, leaving Dio and Carol alone in the lounge.

But Dio and Carol looked around and shared the same boring look at the state of equipment in this room. It was clearly terrible as it has already been used by so many fighters before them!

“Hey, I don’t want you to get in my way later! So, stand aside and let me do all the work!” Carol said confidently.

“You sure are confident, huh! How about a little bet to see who can kill more fighter later?” Dio said as he laughed at Carol.

“Sure thing! what would we bet?” Carol said as she smirks at Dio.

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