Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 378


Dio and Carol immediately vented their pent-up anger and walked to the arena when the door was opened!

“Audience! This night I have a wonderful show for you!” Grandmaster said as his face immediately appeared on a big projection in the middle of the arena.

Then the Grandmaster highlight Dio and Carol with a spotlight as he introduced them with the name Phoenix!

“Now! for the battle to be interesting, they will fight 1.000 of our brave fighters!” Grandmaster said as the door on the other side was opened, and a bunch of fighters walked into the arena with a smirk on their face.

The spectator began to shout and cheer as the fighters walked in as if Dio and Carol wouldn’t have any chance of winning.

“Now, let’s get started! The Phoenix team VS Sakaar warrior! No rules; the battle will end as soon as one team defeats the others!” Grandmaster said excitedly.

The roar and applause coming from the spectator were booming as they were excited to win their bet!

A Thousand fighters swarmed the arena and shot both Dio and Carol as they wanted to be the one that killed the enemy.

“Are you considering to concede against only this many enemies? Don’t make me laugh, okay!” Carol said to Dio with a taunting tone.

“Hey, at first, I want to compete fairly with you, but now, I don’t feel like it anymore!” Dio said as he got annoyed by Carol’s words, so he immediately summoned [Horus] and [White Album] to end the battle as soon as he could.

“Now, it is over!” Dio said as he smirked at Carol.

Carol saw that Dio was suddenly encased in white armour, and a strange-looking bird appeared behind him.

Carol was confused by what was happening to Dio, and what did he mean by it is over? Carol then tried to touch the white armour that Dio wore, but she was surprised as her hands felt a tremendous dip of temperature around Dio.

Furthermore, she could see that the air around Dio began to condense and form a lot of ice spears!

Carol immediately realized what Dio meant by it was already over. It won’t be good for her reputation if she lost to Dio, so she immediately charged her body to join the battle herself, but it was too late!

Dio released the Ice Spears towards the thousand fighters, killing masses in seconds! With only one attack, Dio successfully killed hundreds of people with ease!

The scene was brutal as the fighters’ body was ripped apart, and their blood was frozen instantly! The spectator immediately fell silent as they were shocked themselves after witnessing something like this!

But nonetheless, the spectator quickly snapped back their attention towards the arena and began to shout Dio’s team name in an excited manner.

Carol herself couldn’t help but admire Dio’s ability, but she still couldn’t figure out what the origin of Dio’s power was, she deducted that Dio was a magician or a summoner, but it just didn’t sound right!

But Carol quickly snapped out of it as she looked towards the fighters and realized that Dio could finish them all off if she didn’t do something about it!

For Dio himself, the combined power of [Horus] and [White Album] was one of his greatest offensive ability! not only the [White Album] enhanced [Horus]’s attack.

It also provided great defence. At the same time, [Horus] enabled [White Album] to launch a long-ranged attack!

There was no way a small fry like those fighters could block his attack now! after all, even Ronan himself only survived this attack thanks to the Power Gem’s energy!

The arena became chaotic as so many fighters began to run for their lives! Carol herself also joined the battle and began to demolish the fighters who tried to run as they tried to evade Dio’s attack.

The fighters once again came across another monster as Carol flew around the arena while shooting an energy bomb that destroyed the arena with one strike!

That was not even a battle anymore! It was just a one-sided massacre! The fighters quickly lost their will to fight and cower behind some stone pillar in an attempt to hide from the two monsters who went after them!

But it didn’t work on Dio’s watch as he could easily detect any living being with his Life Magnetism Overdrive Hamon Technique!

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