Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 379


All spectators fell silent upon seeing the one-sided massacre inside the arena. Even the Grandmaster never expected anything like this!

He originally wanted to manipulate the result from behind the scene, but he abandoned that idea with a sly smile on his face after seeing the scene inside the arena.

There was no chance he could win this right now as his own champion wouldn’t be able to fight against these two monsters!

But considering everyone on the spectator seat betted for the 1.000 fighters, it wasn’t a bad idea to let those two won! After all, he would get a lot of money from the losing bet!

The Grandmaster was wondering what he could buy with that much money, probably another planet? For this sly old fox, he will never lose. At least he would have to win something out of his losses!


As the Grandmaster was busy wondering what he would do to his money, the battle has come to an end!

Dio won his bet with Carol by a landslide, and Carol frowned as she wasn’t amused by the fact that she lost to a person like Dio! Especially about what she bet with Dio earlier!

“Now, are you happy with our little bet earlier?” Dio coolly said to Carol.

“What’s with the hurry? You haven’t won just yet!” Carol said confidently.

“Sure, the Champion worth one hundred points, technically, you can still win, but isn’t it clear that I am stronger than you?” Dio said with a smirk on his face.

Dio knew that with his score, even if Carol killed the champion, she still wouldn’t be able to catch up, but it didn’t matter right now.

“Well, I think a thousand fighter earlier was just a warm-up, so I suggest whoever killed the Champion get a thousand points!” Carol said confidently.

“Sure, but don’t you dare to say I am not fair later!” Dio said with a smirk still placated on his face.

“Of course! If you win, I will respect you as a father!” Carol said annoyedly.

Dio nodded. Even though he didn’t get anything worth his while, teasing Captain Marvel like this wasn’t something he could do every day!

Although Dio didn’t want to agitate Carol too much, he couldn’t help but smirk at the chance to treat Carol as a loser!

But suddenly, they were distracted by Grandmaster’s voice in the arena.

“Now! this is the time that we have waited for! The time for our champion to enter the battle! He is the ferocious and brutal cannibal…. Jobiro!” Grandmaster said grandiosely.

Suddenly, a two-headed, blue-skinned ogre-like creature appeared! The spectators still cheered for the champion, but it wasn’t as much as they cheered the thousand of warriors earlier!

After all, they were optimistic that the Phoenix team would win the battle!

But right when Jobiro has just walked into the arena while flaunting his muscle, a dazzling light immediately hit him head-on and pushed him to the wall below the spectator’s stand, frightening the spectators who were right above the wall.

The dazzling light immediately engulfed Jabiro’s presence, and a loud roar could be heard from Jabiro, but it slowly faded away!

After the light disappeared, a huge tunnel more than a kilometer away appeared on the wall below the spectators’ stand.

Not only the audiences who were surprised, but even Dio was also at a loss for word! He never expected Carol would resort to such a crazy move like this just to win their bet!

But thankfully, Carol didn’t go all out. She still held back her power! If she really went all out, this place would be destroyed into ashes!

After Carol’s glow faded away, she landed on the ground beside Dio and smirked in victory! Dio didn’t know what to say.

He never expected Carol would use her StarForce this early in the fight! But it wasn’t a big deal for him! Carol winning only meant that he must praise Carol until she was satisfied!

But, the look on her face was still annoying enough to make Dio regret losing! Now, she thought that she was stronger than Dio!

Dio sighed as he thought of a way to praise Carol without degrading himself too much!

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