Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 380


“With the battle ended! Now, the winner of this championship is the Phoenix team!” Grandmaster said excitedly.

But as the spectators roared and cheered excitedly, the wall that Carol attacked earlier collapsed, bringing down the entire spectator to the hole below!

This unexpected event made Dio laugh so hard on the ground as he found it extremely hilarious to see the spectator still shouted his team’s name even though the seat they were under was crumbling to pieces!


Dio then went to see the Grandmaster again, but he was confused to see the Grandmaster in a good mood after losing and not angry with Dio for killing his fighters and champion! After all, he knew from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that the Grandmaster was a sore loser!

“Now, what is your request! I will hear one of your requests!” Grandmaster said excitedly.

Dio immediately pulled out the Metal Orb and took Crystal out from the orb.

“What has happened to her? Did she have Sleep Syndrome? Or a curse, maybe? Or maybe a parasite sleeping demon?” Grandmaster asked curiously.

As one of the oldest living beings in the universe, Grandmaster had a lot of knowledge, and that was also why Tivan believed that the Grandmaster might know something about this!

Dio then explained what had happened to Crystal, and Grandmaster fell silent and seemed to be thinking of something. “Come with me! I would like to do some tests first!” Grandmaster said as he walked away while signaling Dio to follow.

After that, Dio arrived at a neat laboratory where the Grandmaster told Dio to lay Crystal on the bed in the centre of the room, which Dio immediately did so.

The Grandmaster then operated a machine that began to inspect Crystal up and down.

“This laboratory of mine theoretically could detect anything, even a mental and soul problem!” Grandmaster said confidently.

After about half an hour, some text that Dio couldn’t read came out of the printer-like machine. The Grandmaster then read the text and fell silent for a bit.

“Hmmm, this is a strange situation, indeed!” Grandmaster said to himself. He then began to mutter something that Dio failed to catch and then ignored the Grandmaster for now.

“I see, you don’t know what I am talking about! Well, I will give you a short explanation then! From the result of my examination, there was nothing wrong with her body, but she might have a soul parasite!

She had strange energy inside her body, but that energy had nothing to do with why she was asleep. It should have something to do with her spiritual health!” Grandmaster said solemnly.

“This is just my hypothesis, but I think her spirit is dying! The light that a living person should show on my test wasn’t detected on her, which means that she should have been dead, but strangely, she is still alive!” Grandmaster said solemnly.

“Now, there is an instance that her situation was caused because her soul is missing! While usually a soul that has left its original body would be disintegrated or torn apart, in some strange way, she still survived! This means something established her soul to her body! that also explained why she was in a deep sleep state. if my assumption is correct, she can’t be awakened by any normal means!” Grandmaster said excitedly.

Dio nodded as he thought that he understood the Grandmaster’s words. But then Carol interrupted. “This is ridiculous! How can a human lose her soul but still alive!” Carol said annoyedly. As far as she knew, once a human soul left their body, then they would be dead! No exception made!

Then it wouldn’t explain how Crystal could sometimes wake up. If she didn’t have her soul, how could she wake up like that!

“I don’t know, but this is the best explanation that I can give you now! this situation is bizarre, but I can’t give any more explanation other than this!” Grandmaster said annoyedly.

“But what if her soul has self-awareness from the beginning?” Dio asked Grandmaster, ignoring the Grandmaster’s banter with Carol.

“Hmm, that’s possible, but it still doesn’t explain why and how the soul got separated from the body in the first place and still survives despite the distance between the body and the soul!” Grandmaster said while pondering.

Dio himself began to wonder himself why such an impossible thing was possible for Crystal. But at the same moment, Dio finally understood what happened!

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