Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 381


Dio remembered everything that happened before Crystal fell into her slumber, but he didn’t want to talk about it here!

After all, it wouldn’t solve anything right now! so he asked Grandmaster about something that came to his mind.

“So, if I bring the soul back to her body, she would wake up from her deep slumber? But what if I can’t find her soul?” Dio asked.

“Well, in theory, you are correct. She would be awakened when her soul reunited with her body once more! But if you can’t find her soul, she will probably sleep forever, that is until she spent all of her energy! Once that happens, she will die! But from my calculation, she could probably live for another 50 years before that happens!” Grandmaster said casually.

Dio nodded, he understood what the Grandmaster had explained to him, but Dio knew the truth! Waking Crystal up should be easier than he expected, but all he had to do now was wait!

“Then I would gladly say my thanks to you! I will try to locate her soul after this!” Dio said to the Grandmaster casually.

“Well, if you really want to thank me, you can become my next Champion! I will promise that all your needs will be fulfilled!” the Grandmaster said excitedly.

“No, we didn’t want that! we will be out of your vicinity soon!” Dio said casually. The Grandmaster then turned his gaze to Carol with a small pleading eye.

However, Carol also shot him down. She didn’t like to be chained in one place like that!

Dio then left with Crystal and Carol towards the Dark Battleship once again as they didn’t want to spend any more time on this planet, but as soon as they left, the Grandmaster’s smile gradually disappeared!

“Scrapper 142, come see me now!” Grandmaster said to the intercom.

About half an hour later, a female soldier appeared in front of the Grandmaster.

“Scrapper 142, you are my soldier with the highest success rate! So, I want you to capture one of them somehow! If you succeed, I will pay you 50 million stars coin! And if you fail, you know what awaits you!” Grandmaster said solemnly.

“What are you going to do with them?” Scrapper 142 asked curiously.

“Let’s just say that I will make them our new Champion!” Grandmaster said excitedly with a smirk on his face. “But remember! I don’t want any of them to get hurt, you hear me! If any part of their body is broken, you will pay for it!” Grandmaster added solemnly.

“With all due respect, Grandmaster, this task is almost impossible!” Scrapper 142 said with a frown on her face.

“Well, you always surprise me before, so I hope for your surprise after this! But remember! Don’t disappoint me!” Grandmaster said coldly.

“Why would you give me a mission this difficult? Why don’t you just invite them nicely!” Scrapper 142 said annoyedly.

“it’s because you didn’t belong to my group! So, your life is expendable!” Grandmaster said honestly!

Scrapper 142 sighed and then asked the Grandmaster whether she could refuse the mission! Which made the Grandmaster’s assistant held her breath in surprise!

“Well, of course! After all, I am a good man who doesn’t like to force others to do my bidding!” the Grandmaster said with a smile on his face.

But everyone else knew better! In fact, the Grandmaster was a tyrant in Sakaar!

Scrapper 142 sighed once again as she knew that she must accept the mission! So, she nodded her head as she accepted Grandmaster’s request!

“So, I will let everybody know, anyone who dares to block your path on Sakaar will be disintegrated by me personally!” Grandmaster said excitedly. He couldn’t wait to use his disintegration gun once more!

Grandmaster’s assistant also put on work immediately. She knew that she must ensure that Dio had to stay on Sakaar for a couple more days so that Scrapper 142 could accomplish the mission!

Otherwise, the mission would be a lot harder for anyone! There was no telling what the Grandmaster would do if he couldn’t get what he wanted!

The good news was Dio didn’t seem to be leaving just yet!

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