Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 382


The time flow inside Sakaar was not the same as the outside world! Because of the abundant amount of wormholes on this planet, a week here probably only lasted for a couple of hours outside!

That was also why so many people came here for a living!

So, after some rest and sightseeing, Dio believed that it was time to go! And of course, Carol, who still didn’t have anything to do, decided to go with him too!

But for the last night, Dio decided to go to a bar for a while as he hadn’t drunk any alcohol for so long! Inside the bar, Carol made a bet with Dio on who was the first to pass out, which Dio agreed upon!

Because of Hamon Energy’s unique property, Dio wouldn’t get drunk!

But he didn’t really know what would happen to Carol.

But clearly, after a few full glasses of various wine, Carol was pushing her luck!

“Carol! When are you going to cash in your winning bet?” Dio asked curiously.

“What? Couldn’t wait to praise me like a queen, could you? Why don’t you do it here then!” Carol asked sarcastically.

She kept on drinking, but she couldn’t hide her smile. If she didn’t use her Starforce that time, she might lose to Dio as she knew that he could kill the champion in one strike!

“Here? are you sure?” Dio said, a little bit annoyed.

“Hey, I don’t expect you can do it either!” Carol said tauntingly.

“Okay! You ask for it! but let me tell you, I am not good at praising people!” Dio said annoyedly.

But a bet is a bet! Although he really didn’t want to do it, he wouldn’t go back on his words!

“Carol, you are a perfect being, but unfortunately, you are too powerful that any men who see you would turn away!” Dio said as honestly as he could.

“Are you taunting me?” Carol asked as she gritted her teeth in annoyance.

She was happy when she heard Dio said that she was perfect, but Dio’s next word just contradicted his previous words! She tended to trash everything when she was angry!

“Are you sure you are praising me? I will let you see despair if you don’t!” Carol said annoyedly.

Her body began to shine brightly, a sign that she would activate her Starforce at any time!

“Of course, this is a compliment! You are clearly clever, alien killer!” Dio said casually.

This time, Carol knew for sure that Dio was sarcastically praising her. Carol frowned as she couldn’t just attack Dio for something this trivial!

After all, Dio did warn her that he wasn’t capable of praising someone!

So, she had to be satisfied with that as she noticed that a satiric type of compliment was the best that Dio could do.

“What else did you got for me?” Carol asked tauntingly.

If that was the best that Dio could do, she would milk it out even more!

“Your hair is beautiful; may I have the honour of knowing what shampoo did you use to maintain that beauty?” Dio said sarcastically.

“This is natural! Now, what else?” Carol said as she flicked her hair a little.

“That’s it! I can’t think of anything else!” Dio said awkwardly.

The two looked at each other awkwardly as Dio didn’t know what else to compliment Carol with, and Carol didn’t know what to say anymore.

Finally, as Carol realized everything that Dio had said, she noticed something.

“Did you do it on purpose? You never mention my beautiful face!?” Carol said confusedly.

Dio had complimented her Power, Hair, Cleverness, but he never mentioned her face! Carol was dying to hear Dio mentioning she was beautiful, but she never heard it even once!

She clearly wasn’t satisfied!

“You aren’t satisfied by that much compliment? Are you sure? I think it was already too much, don’t you think?” Dio said with a mock surprise on his tone.

Carol was at her limit! When she was ready to fight against Dio, a familiar figure suddenly come over and sat down beside Dio.

“Hey, hottie! Did you get bored with your girl there? I can accompany you to drink all night long!” She said casually.

Dio observed her carefully from head to toe as he knew who that was and what she did, but clearly, he didn’t know how to react just yet!

As for Carol, she was annoyed at the new woman in front of her! How dare she thought that Carol was boring when this woman wasn’t even as beautiful as her!

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