Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 383


Sometimes it was good to feel confident, but overconfident could be your downfall too!

The safest option for Dio right now was to send this woman away because he himself didn’t know what Carol would do if she were pushed too far!

But her identity aroused Dio too much! She may not be as beautiful as Carol, but the outcome might be exciting!

“Serve us more!” Dio said to the bartender, who nodded as he walked towards Dio with a new wine bottle.

Carol was clearly annoyed, so, to not cause any ruckus here, Carol put down his glass of wine and left the bar so she could calm herself a little.

“You’re not going after her? But you’re probably too late anyway!” The woman said casually.

“What? Did you think I can’t catch up to her even if I want to?” Dio asked while raising his eyebrows.

“You are cute! I am a Valkyrie, by the way! Never in my years have I ever witnessed a thousand Sakaarian warrior like that would be decimated so quickly like that! It is just amazing! So, may I know your name or something?” Sometimes it is good to be confident, but overconfident could easily cause embarrassment.

“My name is James Killian! You can call me Jimmy, James, or anything on that name, but don’t call me Jiji.

Valkyrie seemed to be amused by Dio’s fake name, but the atmosphere was still casual as Valkyrie didn’t care whether Dio would fake his name or not!

After all, She was just acting here. She needed to get Dio off guard as she didn’t want to fight with Dio!

Sure enough, they started drinking like there was no tomorrow! But clearly, this type of scene became boring for Dio as he couldn’t get drunk anyway!

So, he invited Valkyrie for something that he knew Valkyrie would like!

“Would you like to join me on a night drive?” Dio said to Valkyrie casually.

“A drive? Sure, why not!” Valkyrie said as she kept drinking her beer.

“Nice! I know that Galaxy will like you for sure!” Dio said casually.

“Galaxy? What are you talking about?” Valkyrie asked confusedly.

“That is the name of my horse! But it wasn’t an ordinary one! It’s a Pegasus that can fly into the sky!” Dio said dramatically.

“Wow, where did you even get such a thing?” Valkyrie asked in mock curiosity.

“I got it from an old man with one eye. I found it on a secret land that the old man kept to himself!” Dio said as he described Odin loosely.

Her complexion immediately changed as she heard Dio’s description, but she kept drinking to hide her emotion, and Dio let her drank until she passed out!

Dio then took her out of the bar and walked her to the nearby alley.

Valkyrie began to sober up as she felt her body was being taken, and once she knew the location that she was in, she immediately struggled to get out of Dio’s holds!

“Where is this? Why are you taking me here! I will bury you here if you do anything I don’t want!” Valkyrie said in between her drunken slurs.

Seeing Dio frowned and walked towards her once again, she took it as a wrong idea!

She quickly aimed her kick at Dio’s vital area to make sure that she could escape, but as Dio was prepared, he parried Valkyrie’s attack as he knew that it would hurt!

After all, the Valkyrie was one of the greatest fighters in this universe!

When she missed her hit, Valkyrie stood up once more, and this time, she aimed her attack at Dio’s head. Her move was elegant, swift, and powerful! But for Dio, this drunken stupor had to end!

“I heard that Asgard’s Valkyrie are all legendary fighters, but alcoholism surely disabled your fighting skill!” Dio said coldly.

After Dio said that he wanted a Pegasus as his compensation, Thor has been giving Dio information about the Valkyrie through a playbook when they were in Asgard. Thor once dreamed of becoming a Valkyrie as he didn’t know at first that there is no man in the Valkyries unit.

“Who are you? Clearly, you know about Asgard too much! Why did you have the Pegasus with you” Valkyrie said confusedly.

“Hey, did we play 20 questions just now? What’s with all those questions?” Dio said annoyedly.

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