Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 384


Dio didn’t answer any of Valkyrie’s question, but it was evident that she was still waiting for an answer expectantly.

She, for a second, remembered her chivalric personality while she was still on the Valkyrie order. But she eventually snapped back to reality, where she must do whatever it took to achieve her goal!

She already slipped in a drug on Dio’s wine, so now all she had to do is wait for the effect to kick in.

“What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for reinforcement? Or waiting for the drugs to take effect?” Dio asked casually.

Valkyrie was startled by Dio’s question as she now knew that neither would work!

She didn’t know how Dio found out about her plan, but she saw with her own eyes that Dio drank the cup that she gave earlier, so why didn’t the poison work?

“Don’t waste your time. I already knew you slip in a drug on my drinks, but unfortunately for you, no poison will work on me!” Dio said casually.

Valkyrie immediately took a step back as if trying to escape from the bar, but it was just a bluff!

She immediately jumped towards Dio and put a taser-like device in Dio’s neck!

But an unfortunate event once again happened!

Valkyrie expected Dio would be twitching on the ground right now, but the man still looked fine like nothing has happened!

“Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that I also don’t like bugs, especially the weird one that can cause a seizure-like this one!” Dio said as he pinched a coin like black thing in front of Valkyrie’s face.

With a million Hamon Energy on reserve, Dio constantly shrouded his body on Hamon Energy, so nothing could escape his enhanced senses!

Valkyrie was shocked! She knew that none of her plans worked, so she immediately ran out of the bar as fast as she could!

But she couldn’t get far enough as she noticed that Dio caught up to her in an instant! She immediately stopped in a dark alley to face Dio.

Dio was walking towards Valkyrie with a frown on his face. He knew that someone must have ordered Valkyrie to capture him and force him to stay longer on Sakaar!

And Dio also knew that the Grandmaster was the most plausible candidate for such order!

“Did the Grandmaster tell you to do all this?” Dio asked coldly.

Valkyrie thought for a moment as she was thinking of selling the Grandmaster for her safety. She could always go and settle in on another planet!

But suddenly, many mercenaries swarmed the alley and helped Valkyrie out!

Dio sighed as he realised that Valkyrie was waiting for reinforcement all this time!

She had sent signals to all scavenger to come to the bar as a countermeasure beforehand if the drugs failed her. Although it was a hassle, she was glad she did it!

After this mission, she would live in the dark for a couple of years as she planned to trick all this scavenger anyway!

But her plan once again went south as a dark battleship suddenly appeared in the air out of nowhere!

The dark battleship immediately shot the scavenger mercilessly, leaving Valkyrie alone with Dio once again!

Listening to the scavengers’ screams and the blood spurting all over the place, she smiled and closed her eyes in content!

She thought that it was her time to die!

But when it was quiet again, she opened her eyes and frowned.

“Why don’t you just kill me already!” Valkyrie said with an irritated look on her face.

“Why would I do that? you haven’t answered my question!” Dio said casually.

“You are shit! You know that! Fine! have it your own way, yes, I was sent by the Grandmaster! He wants you and that woman in his control!” Valkyrie said annoyedly.

Dio smirked in satisfaction as he heard Valkyrie’s word.

“You are not bad, to be honest! Separating us and take us one at a time, but you take on the wrong person here! if you did it to her, she would’ve been in your grasp now!” Dio said tauntingly.

But the truth was, whether she took on Carol or Dio, the result should be the same!

Carol was also a difficult person to handle!

Valkyrie nodded her head and said nothing, but suddenly a white figure flew out of the Dark Battleship and came to Dio’s side. In the meantime, Valkyrie was shocked to know that she could still see the majestic creature with her two eyes!

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