Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 385


Valkyrie looked at Galaxy with a complicated look, she once had a partner like Galaxy, but it died during the invasion in Hela’s territory!

Dio patted Galaxy’s head intimately and looked at Valkyrie once again.

“Look, I will let you off this once as your accomplishment in the past has earned you that mercy! But, if I let Thor know that the female fighter that he admired for so long has fallen to such a state, I believe he would lose his hair!” Dio said with a laugh.

“What? What’s your relationship with prince Thor? Who are you?” Valkyrie asked surprisedly after hearing Thor’s name.

“Well, Thor is my friend, and I helped Asgard stopping the Dark Elves invasion not too long ago,” Dio said casually.

“Would you really let me go just like that?” Valkyrie asked with a sigh of relief!

“Yeah, I am not gonna go back on my words! But I can do more than that! Did you not miss Asgard? I can take you there if you want to. I am thinking of going there myself soon!” Dio said casually.

“I am afraid I will pass on that! Asgard has nothing on me anymore. I am now Sakaar’s scavenger 142! This life suits me more than a knightly duty! But I hope that you won’t mention my existence to any Asgardians if you plan to return there!” Valkyrie said with a sad look on her face.

“If that’s what you want, then sure! Just let me make your life a little bit better. Tell the Grandmaster that I will come back soon! It should excite that old coot and save you from any punishment!” Dio said casually to Valkyrie.

Valkyrie nodded her head and expressed her gratitude before Dio walked into the Dark Battleship to leave Sakaar.

“It’s over just like that?” Carol said as she was waiting for Dio’s return on the lounge near the door.

“Well, Grandmaster wasn’t someone that stupid to chase aimlessly. But at the very least, I already sent someone to warn him to let us go!” Dio said casually.

Dio and Carol had long known of Valkyrie’s mission to capture one of them, but they wanted to see what she would do before actually doing anything!


The dark battleship immediately entered a wormhole and left Sakaar for a new destination; meanwhile, Valkyrie met the Grandmaster once more and told him what Dio said to her earlier.

“Well, I will wait for their return! Now, Scavenger 142, I would like for you to find me a new champion! I hope you will not let me down again!” Grandmaster said with a smirk on his face!

Surely, his day wouldn’t be so dull if he could expect Dio and Carol would come back here!

Valkyrie nodded and left Grandmaster’s room as she immediately scouted the planet for the new champion for the Grandmaster.

“So, you’re just gonna let her go like that?” Topaz said as she held the disintegrating staff in her hands.

“What are you doing with that thing! I am the only one who’s allowed to kill anyone in this place! Now, why would I kill Scavenger 142? She is also valuable on her own, and I am sure that she would surprise me sooner or later!” Grandmaster said annoyedly.


Right when Dio and the others were coming out of Sakaar, a grand sacrament event was taking place on a remote planet in the Milky Way galaxy!

An ugly woman with pale skin was sitting on a high platformed throne. In front of her, a good ten thousand indigenous people of the planet were kneeling on the ground, praying for their next god to be born!

Soon, ten women with beautiful faces walked towards the throne with their heads bowed down. If one could see the woman up close, they would see that these ten women were trembling in fear!

An old man who stood not too far away from the throne welcomed the girls and ordered them to stand in front of the throne.

“Let the ceremony begin!” The old man said excitedly.

The people who were kneeling on their feet earlier immediately started chanting some incoherent words excitedly.

After a while, the ugly woman on the throne began to shake violently, and suddenly, a red particle was discharged from her body to the first girl in front of her!

When all these red particles left the ugly woman’s body, her body fell to the ground like an empty husk!

Soon, the red particles move to each of the ten women’s bodies, searching for a body strong enough to host it!

Everyone who was kneeling in front of the throne turned a blinds eye to this cruel event in front of them.

The women’s body immediately fell one by one since their life force was absorbed by the red particles as they were deemed insufficient by this red particle!

The last girl on the line was terrified of the horror that happened on her side, and she couldn’t endure the fear any longer and shouted her dad’s name to ask for help in tears!

Her father subconsciously stood up to help his daughter, but several people instantly held him down so that he couldn’t interfere with the process.

But as the Dark Red Particles left her body, his daughter fell on the platform and never stood up again!

The father immediately cried for his greed and inability to save his only daughter!

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