Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 386


Aside from some fanatic who was eager to be chosen from the beginning, these Goddess candidates were forced to partake in this ceremony. In other words, these candidates’ families were all grieving of losing their family members this day!

The ritual wouldn’t end until the goddess found a body that suited her taste!

After a while, the Aether found its host once again!

And the moment that the host’s body rose to her feet, everyone cheered loudly, while they were excited that their goddess was reborn once again!

They didn’t know that the Aether finally found a body that could contain its tremendous power!

But suddenly, a man came into the ceremony looking panicked.

“The Blackwater Tribe has come! Almost all of their soldiers are heading towards this place!” the man said nervously.

The man who stood near the throne earlier immediately rose and commandingly shouted to draw everyone’s attention. It seemed that this man was the leader of this cult!

“The Blackwater Tribe must have heard about our Goddess’ rebirth, hoping to catch us off guard! We must show them that they are already too late! We hope our goddess can punish their blasphemy once and for all!” The commander said commandingly.

The goddess knew everything that the leader has planned, but she didn’t mind it! after all, she had to try this new body too!

“From today onwards, there shall be no more Blackwater Tribe!” the goddess said as she began to float and fly towards the direction where the man came earlier.

Everyone attending the ceremony immediately followed their new goddess with an excited gaze on their eyes.


As thousands of Blackwater soldiers marched towards the ceremony place, a beautiful figure appeared in the sky!

Even the ugly clothes that the woman wore couldn’t hide the plump figure beneath it! Every Blackwater soldiers who saw the woman couldn’t hide their desire to have that woman for themselves!

“Bring that woman over! we will slaughter the Hummingbird Tribe and slay their god before we enjoy their woman!” The Blackwater’s leader said confidently.

The soldiers laughed as their determination burned once again.

But at the same time, the woman earlier smiled coldly.

“Do you know what Hummingbird Goddess’ power is?” the woman said with a cold smile still attached to her face.

The commander finally realised that he was in front of the said goddess that they wanted to slay!

“Quick! Kill her! She is the new god of the Hummingbird tribe!” The commander shouted.

He felt nervous suddenly as he didn’t know what this so-called goddess was capable of!

But he knew that the woman should be able to do something magnificent. Otherwise, the Hummingbird Tribe wouldn’t let her become their goddess.

He may have issued the right order as a leader to attack immediately, but he failed to measure the gap between his army and the goddess’ power!

The Blackwater’s soldiers who rushed towards the goddess suddenly turned into sand, blown by the wind, and disappeared completely.

“Kill her! She is a witch!” the Blackwater commander shouted hurriedly.

The soldiers immediately took out their bow and arrow and shot the woman in front of them; however, all the Blackwater soldiers and their commander suddenly turned into dust, leaving only their equipment behind!

The Hummingbird Tribe that finally arrived at the scene immediately kneeled as they saw that the Blackwater tribe had been decimated!

They finally saw the power of the goddess that they worshipped all this time.

The goddess smiled at what she just did and immediately took a deep breath. After that, countless tulips that exuded a unique fragrance appeared below her feet while she kept laughing excitedly.


A few days after, Dio finally returned to Hamon, while Crystal was still asleep to this day, showing no sign of waking up.

Although the Grandmaster has already stated Crystal’s problem, Dio still couldn’t think of a way to find Crystal’s soul!

“So, what are we doing here again? Sightseeing?” Carol asked curiously.

“No, this is my planet! Why else would I be here!” Dio said annoyedly.

His mood wasn’t at his best right now as he kept thinking of a way to cure Crystal. But Carol already knew the reason behind it, so she didn’t take it personally!

“Did you snatch this planet from someone?” Carol asked with a smirk on her face. But Dio just glared towards her annoyedly.

“Haven’t you been here long enough?” Dio asked, annoyedly.

“Well, I am here since I am concerned about this planet! I am still not ruling out the possibility that you took this planet by force!” Carol said sarcastically.

Dio just rolled his eyes and ignored Carol as he found it unnecessary to talk with Carol again. He knew that he couldn’t control Carol, so he let her do whatever she wanted!

Carol wanted to invite Dio for a war against the Kree empire, but she never found the opportunity to say it!

She even considered sending a letter about this planet to the Kree Empire secretly to pit Dio against them! But fortunately, she wasn’t that desperate yet!

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