Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 387


In the vastness of the universe, hundreds of Omnicraft were shooting a single spacecraft that kept dodging their bullets!

“What! You stole their Anulax batteries?” Peter said with disbelief on his face.

“Hey! You know how arrogant that bitch is! I am just trying to teach her a lesson to not look down on anybody!” Rocket said annoyedly.

“Oh, I never thought that you have such a selfless motive! maybe we need to get back there and tell them that we didn’t have any bad intention!” Peter argued.

“Stop arguing, both of you!” Gamora shouted from behind, interrupting her two arguing teammates.

“Shit! Where is the closest planet that we can warp into?” Peter asked hurriedly.

“Hamon planet! It is a tourist planet! It should only take one jump from this place.” Rocket said nervously.

“Everyone, put your seat belt on!” Peter said as he immediately uses his spaceship’s warp to jump into Hamon planet!

He had to take shelter into habitable planets soon. Otherwise, their spaceship would be destroyed by the Sovereign Omnicraft!

Peter immediately warped to a nearby asteroids belt and flew towards it. He skilfully avoided the asteroids, while the Sovereign Omnicraft fell victim to the asteroids since they didn’t have that great of a flying skill!

Peter successfully reduced the amount of Omnicrafts tailing his ship!

It was like seeing an arcade on the Sovereign command centre as the Sovereign control the Omnicraft remotely! “Why can’t we destroy one single ship?” High Priestess Ayesha asked the command centre as she walked in.

“High Priestess, those batteries are very explosive! We are wary that it could destroy our entire fleet if we destroy it carelessly!” The battle commander said respectfully.

“They are a criminal of the highest order! They have to be executed!” Ayasha said commandingly.

“We have to kill them even if we have to destroy our entire fleet!” she adds.

The Battle commander nodded and immediately issued an order to kill the enemy no matter what!

The Omnicrafts immediately pursued Peter’s ship to the asteroid belt and followed them towards Hamon Planet!

On Peter’s ship, once again, Peter and Rocket were arguing! This time it was about who should drive the spaceship.

But as the Omnicraft started shooting, it hit the left tail of Peter’s ship, disrupting their ship’s balance, and crashed against an incoming meteorite!

Peter’s ship immediately caught fire while the alarm immediately broke everyone’s concentration.

“Quill! Weapon system isn’t working!” Gamora shouted frustratedly.

“That’s what you get for letting Quill fly the ship!” Rocket shouted on his own.

“Shut your mouth, you stupid raccoon! Don’t you see we are being chased by the universe infamous hive mind, and it is all because of you!” Peter shouted back!

“We can warp in 30 more seconds!” Rocket said as he looked at the warping board.

“Okay, hang on, guys!” Peter shouted as he immediately wrapped around the meteorite to provide cover while he waited for the warp to activate.

But suddenly, 50 Omnicrafts hovered around the meteorite, searching for Peter’s ship!

“Oh shit! We all are just a sitting duck here!” Rocket shouted nervously.

“Go down, Peter!” Gamora shouted.

Peter then gritted his teeth and deactivated the safety mode, causing their engine to overload from the previous damage, but their booster was immediately charged to full!

Peter immediately activated the booster and flew in a light-speed by the next second, escaping the Sovereign’s Omnicrafts and warped to Hamon Planet!

Everyone on the ship was forced to hold onto anything they could in the ship as it shook uncontrollably.

As they finished the warping process, they fell out of control upon entering Hamon’s atmosphere as their ship’s engine was already destroyed.

“Brace for impact!” Peter shouted as the ships got closer to the ground.

Fortunately for them, the ship didn’t explode as it hit the ground, but it was in poor condition for sure, and reparation might take a long time!

Many tourists were surprised to see an unknown ship crash-landed near the bird sanctuary that they were watching.

They immediately gathered around the crash site as they were curious about who those people were. They soon saw an earthling, green-skinned Zehoberei, a walking raccoon, and a tree man.

Fortunately, they crash-landed near a lake, so the ground they landed was soft and cushioned their landing.

“I thought we are going to die there!” Rocket said as he started to check his body parts.

Seeing that none of them were dead, the tourist got bored and returned to their own activity!

“Hey, aren’t we losing something?” Peter said as he checked on everyone.

Gamora was thinking for a little, and suddenly it hit her, “Oh, Shit! Drax!” Gamora shouted as she ran towards the lake to save Drax, who fell to the lake.

A minute later, Gamora and Peter were pulling Drax’s body that almost drowned in the lake. Peter then started punching Drax’s chest, and it seems to work as Drax started coughing and awoken from Peter’s punch.

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