Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 388


“What are you doing!” Peter said as he saw Drax trying to take off his pants.

“I got dinner!” Drax said as he pulled out a big fish from his underwear.

“Gross! Who would eat that!” Rocket said annoyedly. But suddenly, the fish slipped from Drax’s hands and slapped Peter’s face with its tail!

The atmosphere became less tense than before as everyone laughed at Peter’s misfortune. Peter himself was starting to get sick as he remembered where the fish came from!

He was tempted to kick Drax back to the lake.

But their casual moment immediately stopped as they looked up into the sky, and suddenly the Sovereign Omnicraft flew into the Hamon Planet atmosphere.

But they soon saw something more shocking as they saw some anti-aircraft turrets protrude from the ground and started shooting the Sovereign’s Omnicraft before they could safely enter the atmosphere!

“Gamora! Are you sure this is a Tourist Planet? Why are there so many anti-aircraft turrets in here?!” Peter shouted nervously.

But as he looked at Gamora, he saw that Gamora also had the same expression, she didn’t know anything!

“Presumably … maybe this is a den of thieves! You know, there are so many pirates around this part of the galaxy!” Gamora said nervously.

But as the Sovereign Omnicraft were all destroyed, the turrets immediately returned beneath the ground as if nothing happened!

But suddenly, a voice could be heard throughout the planet!

“The military drill has ended! We apologize if we surprise the tourist with our explosive!” the voice told everyone on the planet.

Peter suddenly became more nervous as he knew that what he just witnessed was no military drill at all.

It was a complete massacre! But if the one who willingly disclosed the information knew about Peter and his crew, then it meant they were in danger themselves!

Peter looked at his crew and nodded to each other as they arrived at the same conclusion!

They had to blend it with the other tourist to avoid getting caught by whoever running this planet!

Soon enough, the commotion died down, and Peter and the others prepared themselves to blend in.

They didn’t know what the Sovereign would think about this incident as Peter knew that all the Sovereign Omnicraft was destroyed mercilessly!

Peter also saw the face of the tourists when that happens. Apparently, the tourists now believe that they were perfectly safe from planet raiders as the planet’s military power was formidable!

“Are we safe now?” Rocket asked Peter as they began to search for a quiet remote place.

“I don’t know, but I don’t think so!” Peter said worriedly. As soon as he said that, a bunch of soldiers immediately surrounded them effectively.

“Good day, gentlemen! I am Red Rose, the head of security here in Hamon! You are suspected of illegal entry and possibly smuggling. Please come with us peacefully!” Red Rose said with a smile on her face.

Peter knows that there was nothing that he could do, so he sighed and put his hands up. The others also did the same as they knew that they were at fault here.

They had brought danger to a planet with tourists inside! But they knew that they hadn’t smuggled anything here in Hamon, so they hoped that they could clear that misunderstanding somehow!


Peter and the others felt uneasy as they followed the soldiers deep inside the jungle. They felt something was off here!

“Where are you taking us?” Peter asked worriedly.

“Yeah, this is all a big misunderstanding! We are not smuggling anything here. Our ship crashed! This is all just an accident! We did enter the planet without paying, but due to the circumstance, I hope you can understand that we could pay, but just unfortunate enough to crash first!” Gamora said hopefully.

“That isn’t for me to decide! You can say that to our chief later. He personally wants to see you!” Red Rose said politely.

“Who is your leader? Why would he want to see us?” Rocket asked curiously.

“You will see for yourself, but as for why he wants to see you, I don’t think I know the reason either!” Red Rose said casually.

Peter felt that they were in danger, so he immediately tried to come up with a way to escape from the guards, causing the tense atmosphere between the Guardians of the Galaxy and the guards!

“I advise you not to do anything that would lead to another misunderstanding! The chief has invested 1 million stars coin to build the planet’s defense system. Even if you escape us now, you wouldn’t be able to leave anyway!” Red Rose said casually.

Peter, who thought of escaping, was instantly discouraged after hearing such words. He knew that with that much money in defence system, it would mean that the defence is top class!

It would be better for him to follow the soldiers to their leader first than thinking of such an impossible task!

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