Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 389


When the Guardian of the Galaxy arrived at the deepest part of the jungle, all they saw was a wide clearing with nothing on it!

Peter looked at Red Rose to ask what they were doing there, but a sudden whirring sound stopped him from doing so!

He looked up front and saw that a huge towering building suddenly appeared in front of them!

“This is just another use of our stealth technology, don’t be surprised and come with us now!” Red Rose said casually.

She knew that the Dark Elves’ stealth technology was ahead of other stealth technologies by a mile! So, she knew that a scene in front of them would surprise anyone!

This could be proven by Heimdall himself, who possessed the all-seeing eye that was said to be capable of perceiving anyone, anywhere on the universe!

But, Heimdall failed to notice the Dark Elves’ invasion back then!

The Dark Elves’ stealth tech was also coming to fruition because Malakith, the previous leader of the Dark Elves, was too obsessed with invading Asgard, which meant getting past Heimdall’s all-seeing eye was a must!


When Red Rose ushered them in, she led them to the base of the tech-filled building, and a man was already waiting for them there, laughing as he looked at them.

“You!” Peter exclaimed.

He knew the man as he was the one who captured him and turned him into bait to lure Yondu and his Ravagers!

He had sworn to himself never to get involved with this man ever again, but it seemed lady faith had another agenda!

“What is going on? Did you know each other?” Gamora asked.

She never saw Dio’s real face before as Dio always used {Khnum} to hide his real identity, but Peter has seen Dio’s real face, so he knew who this man was!

“Have you forgotten that this demon was the one who killed Ronan on Xandar?!” Peter said to the others.

Gamora was puzzled as she was confused as the man in front of her was different than the man she had seen before!

“Well, maybe you guys would be more familiar with this look!” Dio said as he transformed into the face that he used before.

Gamora and the others were shocked to see the transformation as they finally saw the man who killed Ronan!

“Don’t be so surprised! A gadget that could change one’s appearance is expected! After all, this universe is so vast that nobody really knows everything.” Dio said casually.

Gamora and the others nodded as they understood what Dio had said.. They knew that so many civilizations were researching for various ideas and unknown technology, but they were still wary of their surroundings as they didn’t know why they were there!

“So, who you really are? Why did you insist on bringing us here?” Gamora asked worriedly.

She looked at Peter and noticed that Peter was totally on guard here. It was either because he didn’t trust this man or had a bad experience with this man!

“My name is Dio! I am just another Bounty Hunter in this universe! But I am only an interstellar explorer and a tourist from the earth! After I realize that I must use another kind of money outside earth, I choose to do some bounty hunting to earn money!” Dio said casually.

Dio was excited to see the Guardian of the Galaxy here, as he was only here to foresee the construction of the planet, and once it was over, he would like to fly back to earth immediately!

After all, the earth was still the home that he would always long for!

After his exploration of the universe, he noticed how small and insignificant one person really was!

No matter how powerful and how rich that certain someone was, no one would care about them anymore once they died!

While he really missed earth right now, Dio still planned to explore the universe again.

“Are you from earth? Oh my god! We are brothers! I am also from the earth! When I was ten years old, Yondu kidnapped me from the earth, and here I am today!” Peter said excitedly.

Once he heard that Dio was from the earth, he had a complete change of attitude!

Gamora and Rocket immediately shook their head as they had listened to Peter’s story a million times!

Peter would always tell his story where Yondu kidnapped him repeatedly, making Gamora and the others sick of the story!

“I know! You already told me that!” Dio said as he interrupted Peter from telling the story any further!

Peter then stopped his storytelling moment and frowned.

“Yeah, you already knew it, but you still treat me like trash! You are a real bastard. You know that?” Peter said annoyedly.

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