Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 390


Dio was annoyed by Peter’s constant bickering, so he ordered Red Rose to tie Peter up and gagged his mouth so he could stop bickering. Surprisingly, Gamora and Rocket were relieved that Peter was tied up as the situation became somewhat pleasant.

“Let’s talk about the obvious thing first! You aren’t here for tourism, that’s for sure! But who is the one chasing after you earlier?” Dio asked Gamora curiously.

Gamora, knowing that there was no benefit in covering the situation earlier, gladly told Dio everything that happened on Sovereign.

Dio listened very calmly, although knowing that Sovereign was an annoying opponent, he didn’t get mad at Gamora for suggesting Hamon as their escape planet.

“Hmmm, so, that arrogant woman was the high priestess of Sovereign! Now it makes sense!” Dio said casually.

“Wait, did you just say that you have met the High Priestess before?” Rocket asked confusedly.

“Well, they did contact us rudely before entering our atmosphere, but we didn’t give them any permit to enter the planet, and they didn’t listen, so we assume that they know the consequences!” Dio said casually.

“After their entire fleet got destroyed, the old woman has the audacity to rebuke me for getting in their way on my planet! You should see how hilarious it was to ignore the damned old hag earlier!” Dio added as he laughed excitedly.

Dio knows that the Sovereign was an annoying race, but the most annoying thing about them was their remote-control fleet!

So, no matter how many fleets got destroyed, they would just build a new one! Another thing was that they were a one-organism!

The Sovereign has cloned their people with the ‘Perfect Gene’ so everybody could be perfect too!

But of course, the perfection that they attained was in their own standard!

Dio had his own rule too. He would have let the Sovereign capture the Guardian of the Galaxy if they respected Dio’s boundaries and proceeded calmly.

But they just had to undermine Dio’s rule, so he had no choice but to execute his own defensive approach!

That arrogant personality from the Sovereign was also derived from their own thought that believed they were the perfect being in the Galaxy!

“But you know, after destroying their fleet like that, they will be after you too!” Gamora said carefully as she worried that Dio might lash out!

“You don’t need to worry about me! They are just a bunch of self-righteous garbage! If it weren’t my love for peace, I would’ve been halfway to their home planet now!” Dio said casually.

Dio knew at this moment, Adam Warlock hasn’t been created yet!

So, there he didn’t have to worry about taunting the Sovereign!

But in acuity, Dio was interested in the Sovereign’s Remote-Control tech as they were the only one who could create a long-distance piloting system like that!

But it was useless before Dio and Carol. Both of them could very much destroy Sovereign without the possibility of them fighting back!

Furthermore, Dio was in possession of the Power Gem now!

“Now, you all look tired! Let’s talk about things again after you have some good rest!” Dio said to the Guardians of the Galaxy.

“Mapedoff! Prepare their rooms so that they can rest and send someone to salvage their ship that crashed into the king’s lake earlier and send it over here!” Dio ordered Mapedoff.

“Of course, right away!” Mapedoff said casually.

He then untied Peter and led the entire Guardian of the Galaxy’s member upstairs, towards the rooms that were already cleaned and prepared beforehand.

On the other hand, Peter felt dejected!

He felt that no one ever listened to him enough!

Now he missed his mother more because of Dio’s bullying!

But Peter didn’t know that at the same time, his biological father was sacrificing countless of his own child and had set his eyes on Peter!

Yondu was originally tasked by Ego to kidnap Peter and bring him back to Ego, but Yondu had a change of heart after seeing the innocent Peter!

Now, Peter was the Ego’s last surviving child, and for him to proceed with his plan, Ego needed Peter to be the one!

The key to activate his plan!

Ego was one of the Elders of the Universe, and that was also why Peter could hold onto the Power Gem without suffering as much as the blood of the elder was running through Peter’s body!

“Peter, I will find you soon! Just wait for me! I hope you wouldn’t be a disappointment like your brothers and sisters does!” Ego said to himself as he continuously searched for Peter’s whereabouts.

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