Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 391


The next day, Peter was helping Rocket repairing their ship together. Although Dio had told them that they could use one of his ships, Peter rejected that offer and repaired his ship instead!

But Peter was still annoyed by Dio’s rude words, so he started to throw things around when he remembered Dio’s face.

“Hey, stop that! If you don’t want to help, just go!” Rocket said annoyedly.

He was doing his best to repair the ship but seeing Peter moped around while throwing things really frustrated him.

Peter then walked away from the ship, leaving Rocket alone to fix the ship and searched for Gamora instead.

But as he saw Gamora was practicing her sword technique, Peter found a reason to surprise her. He slowly walked towards her back unnoticed, but as he got close enough.

Gamora waved her swords and stopped it at Peter’s neck!

“Now, next time you creep around like that, I will be sure to cut off your head!” Gamora said angrily.

Peter, who was shocked by what just happened, fell to the floor with fear still laced on his mind.

“You almost killed me!” Peter shouted as he regains his sense.

“You should be glad that I almost killed you! Imagine if I kill you for real! The last time someone tried to sneak up on me, he was buried the next day!” Gamora said, threateningly.

Peter shut up instantly as he knew that he couldn’t agitate Gamora any further. But Peter’s personality made it hard for him to not speak up his mind, in a matter of seconds, he started talking again!

“Aren’t you tired of all the practice? How about we both take a bath and relax a little bit!” Peter said casually.

“A bath with you? you must be joking me!” Gamora said annoyedly.

“No, no! I mean, you take a bath, and I will wait here!” Peter said nervously.

If a look could kill, Peter would’ve been 6 feet under by now!

Gamora took a deep sigh and walked towards her room to take a bath, leaving Peter on the training ground alone.

On the other hand, Peter wiped his sweat after the thought of getting himself killed for the second time for asking Gamora a lewd thing like that.


At the same time, Yondu and his Ravagers arrived at Hamon in order to fulfill the request from High Priestess Ayasha to retrieve their Anulax Batteries from Peter Quill and the Guardian of the Galaxy!

“Fuck! We have to pay to enter the planet!” one Ravager said angrily to another Ravager.

“Don’t act rashly, boys! This planet is not a normal tourist planet! Their defence is Top Tier! This planet’s entrance ticket is nothing compared to the rewards that we will get from the bitch earlier!” Yondu said as he walked towards the Ravager.

Yondu was a thoughtful man. He wouldn’t charge head-on without knowing anything. A good personality to have as a strategist!

But obviously, he needed to think of a way to get to Peter without alarming the unknown armed forces on the planets!

They could see that the planet had a lot of in and out traffic, so they couldn’t just attack everything while not knowing anything!

“How can we find him?” Another ravager asked.

“While we are on Xandar, I put a tracker on that boy’s ship! I knew him well; he wouldn’t give up the ship as long as he could fix it! they must have been close to it now!” Yondu said casually.

The Ravagers fell silent and nodded their head while Yondu brought the ships down into the Hamon’s atmosphere and landed on the tourist spot!

He then ordered the Ravagers to blend in and find Peter or the other Guardian of Galaxy’s member before reporting to him.

But not long after they entered, they immediately ran into Peter and Gamora, who was on a date!

“What are you standing here for? Grab the boy!” Yondu said to his Ravagers.

“Run!” Peter said to Gamora as he saw the Ravagers were coming after him.

Neither he nor Gamora had any weapon now, so the only thing that they could do was to escape the Ravagers or found a guard to make it harder for Yondu to capture him.

But he immediately stopped as he noticed Yondu’s Yaka Arrow was floating above his head!

He knew that if he still tried to run away, Yondu would whistle to end Peter’s life!

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