Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 392


Peter froze as he noticed the low whistle sound from the side. He knew that with Yondu’s flying arrow ability, he wouldn’t be able to escape even if Gamora was there with him!

“Peter! I am glad you still have common sense with you!” Yondu said as he retracted the Arrow that was now near Peter’s head.

“Yondu! What a coincidence!” Peter said joyfully.

“Brat! Now you have done it! There is a bounty on your head that some blonde bitch in Sovereign issued! And because of that, you are coming with me!” Yondu said with a smirk on his face.

“Yondu, you aren’t that cruel to drag me to her, aren’t you? she is a bitch! She was begging us to steal the batteries out from her!” Peter said desperately.

Yondu and the rest of the Ravagers laughed as they heard Peter’s word.

“You are lucky! I still consider you my boy, so, give me those batteries and no trick this time, boy!” Yondu said solemnly.

“Wait, boss! The priestess offers one-million-star coin for that guy’s head!” one Ravager said as he heard Yondu would let Peter go.

“On the black market, those batteries would sell for 250.000-star coin each!” Yondu said indifferently.

“Boss, that’s still lower than the bounties on his head!” another ravage said annoyedly.

“Hey, come on! Let’s talk this over some drinks. It will be on me!” Peter said cheerfully as he knew that if he let the Ravagers talk Yondu out of his mercy, he could change his mind.


This is the last time I hear this bullshit!

No matter how many times Peter Quill betrayed you, you always cover him while treating us like a fucking shit on the floor!” one of the ravagers said angrily.

“That is right! Now, we don’t care about your choice. We demand that Peter is to be sent to the Sovereign so we can have that one million!” another ravager said excitedly.


“You have grown weak, captain! Now it is time to change the leader around here!” Taserface said as he held Yondu between his fist after removing the fin on Yondu’s head, which was the controller that he used for his Yaka Arrow!

Once Yondu brought Peter to the Ravager ship, a mutiny immediately occurred as the Ravagers thought Yondu had gotten too soft.

“Guys! There has to be a peaceful solution here! The batteries are still on my ship. How about we take it out of there first!” Peter said as he tried to help Yondu.

“Stop! Did you think they would hear your words out right now?” Gamora said as she dragged Peter back to her side.

But suddenly, the Ravagers were shot by a barrage of tranquilizing syringes. The polices who patrolled the area have taken an interest in them as they brought Peter and Gamora forcefully, so after seeing the situation, Red Rose permitted them to arrest the Ravagers.

“I am arresting all of you for disturbing the peace on the planet and scared away some of our tourist guests!” Red Rose said as she walked inside the Ravager ship and ordered her police took the ravagers away.

“Great! It is nice to see your face again! Did you miss me? But well, they surely would make something big out of this planet if you are late!” Peter said excitedly.

But suddenly, two other police officers handcuffed Peter and took him away.

“What are you doing! I am a victim here!” Peter said as he tried to reason with the police.

“Put something over his mouth! it is annoying to hear this man keeps blabbering his mouth!” Red Rose said annoyedly.

The polices nodded and immediately covered the Star Lord’s mouth with a special mask so that he couldn’t speak anymore.

“Where are you taking him?” Gamora asked Red Rose on the side.

“Prison!” Red Rose said indifferently as she left Gamora alone.


Dio, who was in his office, heard the report and let Red Rose took care of it while also making sure that Peter would stay in the same prison cell as the rest of the Ravagers earlier.

Dio was happy to see Peter’s troubled expression as he liked to crush people’s ego in his own way.

“Hey guys, why don’t we talk things through?” Peter said as he noticed the Ravagers were planning to beat him up.

Bullshit! Hit him!” A ravager said as he immediately rushed to Peter’s side and hit Peter’s stomach!

The other Ravagers started to attack Peter while the first Ravagers started.

“Come on, guys, don’t hit my handsome face!” Peter said hopefully, but it had the opposite effect!

After the beating was starting to get out of control, the guards immediately shot the Ravagers with an electric trigger. As a result, the Ravagers fainted at the same time!

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