Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 393


A ship landed slowly in the night, and an old man came out of that ship and disappeared into the night!

Soon, an alarm sounded on the prison. A rogue spaceship took off into the sky, and Hamon’s anti-air defence immediately activated and started to shoot the rogue ship as it was intended to.

But a powerful energy barrier was immediately cast on the ship, rendering the anti-air attack useless against the ship.

“Sir, do we have to use the second plan and shoot it down?” Mappedoff asked Dio solemnly.

With a state-of-the-art defence system, there is a lot more weapon that Hamon had other than the Anti Air missile launcher.

But Dio didn’t see the need to do that as he knew who broke into the prison and freed Peter Quill from his cell.

“No need, let him go,” Dio said indifferently. Mappedoff nodded his head and deactivated all the weapons as there was no need to continue the assault.

“Now, send someone and tell Gamora that Peter Quill has been kidnapped and give her the recording on the prison camera! Give them to Yondu as well. That man has more use if he goes out to help Peter!” Dio said indifferently.

“Right away, sir!” Mappedoff said respectfully.

When he left to do what Dio had asked, Dio watched the recordings once more, and he saw the old man with a long white beard and white hair busting out of the prison cell and took the unconscious Peter in his arm.

Dio smirked as he noticed that Ego the Living Planet has lost his patience! Dio then turned off the video feed and started to think of what course of action he should take regarding this event.

He knew that Ego was part of the Elders of the Universe, an ancient being with infinite potential. That was also half the reason why Dio didn’t chase after him immediately as Ego could easily destroy Dio’s fleet with his power.

Dio’s only way to win against Ego was by destroying Ego’s brain that was located deep inside his main body, the Living Planet!


As Dio expected, the Guardian of the Galaxy immediately took off after learning that Peter has been kidnapped.

Even in the video, the man admitted that he was Peter’s father, but it was obvious that the man wasn’t a decent man!

Then, Yondu, who finally saw that the past has caught up with him, was forced to tell the real story behind Peter’s past.

And therefore, for the first time, Guardian of the Galaxy worked together with Yondu and the rest of the Ravager, who still followed him to save Peter from his nightmare of a father!

But knowing that they didn’t have any ship, Gamora immediately turned to Dio for help.

Dio had expected that Gamora would ask him for help, but he still pretended to consider helping her, but Dio eventually agreed to help them by giving them two of his spaceships just to make sure that the plot continues.

After all, if Ego successfully pulled off his plan, Earth would be destroyed! Obviously, Dio didn’t want that to happen, and for that end, Ego must die!

Dio also gave back Yondu’s Ravager ship as he didn’t need Yondu coming back there to claim his ship later.

The Guardian of the Galaxy immediately flew off into space, followed by Yondu and his ravagers. As for Dio, he immediately walked towards Carol, who was still staying in Dio’s penthouse on Hamon leisurely.

“Are you interested in seeing the ancient god with me?” Dio asked politely.

“No, why would I do that?” Carol said indifferently.

“Well, it might be because the ancient god wants to destroy Earth as we speak? He might even succeed if we didn’t do anything.” Dio said casually.

“Ok, stop!” Carol said annoyedly.

“What now?” Dio asked innocently.

“Has anyone ever told you that you are an asshole!” Carol said annoyedly.

“Of course! Thank you for the compliment!” Dio said with a cheerful tone to his voice.

Then both of them immediately walked towards the Dark Battleship and took off as they must catch up to Ego in time!

Carol sighed as there seemed to be trouble everywhere in the Galaxy. It was like there was no time for her even to rest!

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