Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 394


“Is that it? That’s all there is to your plan?” Carol said as she was surprised to hear Dio’s plan.

“Well, what else you got to do? We are dealing with a planet right now! If you have any other plan, then be my guest!” Dio said annoyedly. Carol only shook her head and flew out of the Dark Battleship towards Ego.

Dio sighed and then attached the Cosmic stabilizer so that he could breathe in space, then immediately called Galaxy and equipped her armour, so she could breathe in space as well! Dio was quite pleased after seeing the armour looked good on Galaxy, and thus, he immediately flew into space, following Carol from behind. 


“Now, meet my father, Ego, and this here is Mantis!” Peter said as he introduced Ego to the Guardian of the Galaxy.

“And pops, this is my friend, Gamora, Rocket, Drax, and Grout!” Peter said as he, in turn, introduced the Guardians of the Galaxy to Ego.

But Gamora and the other were still confused as they didn’t understand why Peter didn’t want to leave the planet with them.

When the Guardian of the Galaxy arrived at the planet, Peter welcomed them excitedly, and then when they told Peter to get on the ship, he refused profoundly.

“Welcome to my planet, Peter’s friends! Like Peter has told you before, my name is Ego. I am Peter’s father, and please forgive me for telling Peter to stay here for a while as I never saw him all this time, and it is my excitement and joy to finally meet with him again after all this time!” Ego said confidently.

“Of course, we don’t mind it at all, but can we talk with Peter privately for a sec?” Gamora asked casually.

“Of course! Take your time, and Mantis here will show you your room later!” Ego said to Gamora confidently, and then he immediately left.

“Peter! I don’t know what you are thinking right now, but you are in danger! My intuition told me that your father is planning something bad!” Gamora said to Peter as soon as Ego left the room, and Mantis was busy following Drax around.

“You are wrong. He taught me our legacy, our bloodline, and even our power!” Peter said as he demonstrated the ability he just learned from Ego. His hands suddenly glowed, and a ball of light appeared.

“Ego is a god! And I am a demigod! But he said that I still have the same power as him. If I can master it, I will become more powerful!” Peter said excitedly.

He was determined to punch Dio in the face once he could control his power as he really hated Dio for what he has put him through.

“So, your ability makes a ball or something?” Gamora asked as she was confused by the ball of light that Peter made.

Peter froze as he didn’t know what else to do with his power, so the situation became awkward for the moment.


On the other side, Dio and Carol finally arrived at the planet, but they were immediately halted by a shadow that suddenly appeared from the ground!

“Introduce yourself!” Ego said as he appeared in front of Dio and Carol.

“We are friends of Peter Quill! We came here as we heard that something was amiss!” Dio said with an honest face.

While on the other hand, Carol was trying her best not to roll her eyes.

“Is that so? Well, come with me! Peter’s friends have already arrived a moment earlier. You just have to meet them yourself!” Ego said excitedly.

“No, we want to look around first if that is okay with you!” Dio said sincerely.

“Well, we can’t have that here. I am sorry!” Ego said as suddenly an earth spike appeared from the ground.

Fortunately, Carol and Dio already prepared themselves for something like this, and so, they immediately escaped into the air to escape the earth spike.

“Get out of my planet, or die!” Ego said as his eyes turned blue.

Ego sensed powerful energy inside the woman just now and a chilling vibe from the man, and he had a hunch that they would ruin his plan, but he didn’t know that Carol and Dio were waiting for him to attack like this!

“Go, everything has been according to plan! I’ll make a space for you. Go decapitate him!” Dio said to Carol as he pulled out the [Reaper’s Gaze] from a card.

Carol nodded, and her body instantly glowed, and she immediately dug inside the ground. Ego’s face was immediately filled with worry as his body was just an image while his true body was deep inside the ground!

Once his real body died, everything would be dead!

He looked at Dio with fury, he was sure whether Dio knew of this information or he just ordered the woman to get away, but either way, the direction that woman was heading is no good!

Ego immediately immobilized all the planers to drag Carol out of the ground, but suddenly a red scythe cut his body in two!

Dio smirked as he whistled and called back the scythe at will! The Yaka Metal showed off its capability!

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