Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 395


After acquiring the Yaka Metal, Dio looked for a forging method to mix it with his scythe in various planets.

Eventually, Dio successfully turned the [Reaper’s Gaze] into a voice-controlled weapon! On the premise that Dio was strong enough to control the weapon mentally!

It could also be seen from the fin on top of Yondu’s head!

That item was used to establish a connection between the Yaka Arrow and Yondu himself!

However, the Uru Metal that Dio got on Asgard remained unused as he needed a Dwarf Forging Master to process it!

As [Reaper’s Gaze] returned to Dio’s hand, Dio immediately rushed past Ego and thus making Ego became furious!

Ego immediately summoned a bunch of tentacle-like creatures to capture Dio, but Dio easily cut it all with one slash of his scythe.

“You are infuriating me, outsider!” Ego said as he started to get frustrated by Dio’s action.

But Dio didn’t care about Ego as he knew that Ego that he was fighting against was just an image!

Dio then jumped high into the sky and summoned his ice stand. Dio condensed the air with his cold temperature and hurled a huge block of ice!

Ego roared and summoned more tentacles from the ground to block the ice from hitting the ground!

But Dio already expected this much from Ego, so he threw the [Reaper’s Gaze] to the side and controlled it with his whistle!

The scythe changed direction and immediately cut Ego with all tentacles, successfully preventing Ego to block the ice from falling on top of him!

Ego’s image was destroyed!

Dio knew that Ego wouldn’t be able to fight for a while after that kind of mental damage!


At the same time, Carol was penetrating deep inside the ground and finally arrived at the core of the planet, where Ego’s real brain was located!

But as Carol started to search the place to find where it was, the ground started to shake, stopping Carol from moving any further.

Suddenly hundreds of Stone golems appeared from the ground and started to trample Carol!

The place where Carol stood before she dodged immediately became a pit deep enough to bury a bunch of dead bodies, but obviously, that was not a problem for Carol!

Carol activated her Starforce and forced the Stone Giant out of her way!

Carol instantly blew up one Stone Golem with her punch. Seeing his creation couldn’t do much to Carol, Ego appeared again on one of the Stone Golem near Carol.

“You have brilliant energy inside your body! What species are you from?” Ego asked curiously.

“I am a human,” Carol said uninterestedly.

“No way! There is no you are part of that weak human lineage!” Ego said with a frown on his face.

Ego, who thought Carol was lying, immediately attacked once again with his Stone Golem!


While Dio and Carol were fighting against Ego, Peter and the rest of the Guardian of the Galaxy sensed something was wrong. After all, the fight was so intense that they could slightly feel the tremor.

Peter and the others then decided to see what was happening to the planet, but Mantis was trying her best to stop the others from doing so as she was tasked by Ego to make them stay here!

But as her meek personality got the best of her, she eventually gave up and followed them instead!

As they finally reach the underground core section of the villa they were staying at, they saw Dio and a woman were fighting against a Stone Golem!

Dio was slicing the golem as the golem kept regenerating while the woman controlled its movement and threw a powerful punch in-between!

“Dio!” Gamora shouted as she was confused by what was happening here!

But the fight was too intense for Dio to notice that the Guardian of the Galaxy’s members were right behind him!

Finally, Dio sliced the Stone Golem’s leg and arms, while Carol gave the golem one last powerful punch on the head, destroying it completely!

As Dio realized that Peter and the other Guardian of the Galaxy have come, he immediately walked towards them!

But he was slower than Ego, who came out of the ground near Peter once more.

“Peter! You are here! these two claims themselves to be your friend, but they attacked me mercilessly!” Ego said angrily to Peter.

“There must be some misunderstanding here! maybe we should sit down and have a talk!” Peter said to his father.

Peter thought that maybe Dio has come because of what Ego had done in Hamon earlier, so he felt obligated to explain it to him.

“Hey man, I am sorry I left without saying anything, but you know, it’s hard to get in touch with you inside a prison cell! I know Ego may have gone a little too far on Hamon, but I assure you, my father means no harm!” Peter said casually.

Peter’s tone was casual, but for the others, it sounded like Peter didn’t care whether Dio would believe him or not!

“Let me give you a piece of advice here, Peter! You’d better get out of this planet as soon as possible, or you will probably regret it for the rest of your life!” Dio said solemnly, making Peter more confused!

“What? Why? I think I already said that it was all a big misunderstanding!” Peter said confusedly, but suddenly an energy tentacle popped out of the ground and pierced Peter’s chest!

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