Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 396


“Peter!” Gamora shouted as she rushed towards Peter to free him from the tentacles! On the other hand, Peter turned his attention towards his father with disbelief.

“You should be able to understand that I have to do this! You are my son, and helping me to become a greater entity in this universe is your duty! I will turn thousands of planets that I’ve implanted with a part of me into me! You will see how grand it is before you die later!” Ego said excitedly.

“But before that, we need to get rid of the parasite here!” Ego said as he summoned countless energy tentacles that immobilized Gamora and the others! Even Dio and Carol couldn’t dodge the energy tentacles fast enough!

Carol wanted to destroy the tentacles with her photon beam, but she found out that the tentacles were absorbing her energy, causing her to return to normal from her Starforce state. Carol was in a pickle, she obviously couldn’t use her energy to break free, but she couldn’t think of anyone else who could escape from these tentacles aside from her!

“Dio! Figure something out! These tentacles keep absorbing my energy!” Carol shouted to Dio, but she finally gave up as she thought Dio wouldn’t be able to do anything either!

Dio sighed as he always had to be the one who cleaned up everyone’s mess!

He then channeled more Hamon Energy into [White Album] and used its special ability [Gently Weeps]! In an instant, Dio’s surroundings became extremely cold, and with a little struggle, the tentacles began to collapse!

Ego didn’t know what Dio just did, but he knew that it was something dangerous!

He immediately wrapped Dio with some more tentacles, but it was useless, everything around Dio turned into ice dust, and once he reached the ground, the ground immediately turned blue from the extreme cold that Dio exerted!

The cold began to spread to nearby Energy tentacles, freezing them solid!

Even Ego, who tried to attack Dio, was turned into an ice sculpture instantly!

Dio stomped the ground hard enough to create a little shockwave, and everything that was frozen around him immediately shattered!

Dio immediately canceled out [White Album]’s the ability and caught Gamora and Carol while the others fell to the ground with a groan!

Dio checked on Carol as it would be bad if her energy were absorbed, but thankfully, she was okay!

Dio realized that everyone was trembling due to the chill from [White Album] earlier, so he ordered Gamora to take everyone back to the ship!

“I am staying!” Carol said as she finally awoke.

“No, you return back to the ship and get some rest!” Dio said commandingly while throwing a few metal discs to Carol.

Dio then turned to Peter and noticed that Peter was determined to stay. “I will stay! He is supposed to be my father! I have so many questions for him now!” Peter said as he clutched his chest that was still bleeding.

Seeing that Peter was so determined, the rest of the Guardian of the Galaxy also chose to stay!

Dio sighed once again as he felt like no one ever listened to what he was fucking say!

Carol nodded and immediately turned away to leave, but suddenly a huge tremor happened, but instead of energy tentacles, this time magma erupted from the ground!

The most annoying thing about fighting a god was not their ability, but how creative they used their ability!

This was Ego’s planet. He made everything here, from everything inside the ground and everything above it!

So, it was natural that Ego also prepared a magma pocket on the ground!

The cold from Dio’s power was immediately gone and transformed into extreme heat!

But that was not all! The magma began to clump up, and Ego once again turned himself into a force of nature!

“Fuck! Now, how are we gonna stop that monster!” Rocket shouted worriedly.

They turned to each other as they didn’t know how to beat Ego themselves, but one thing for sure, retreating was not an option anymore!

Rockets and Gamora immediately pulled out their weapons and began to shoot the magma Ego from afar, while Carol also tried to blast the magma with her Energy Blast!

Their attack successfully created a hole on the Magma Ego’s body, but as it was part liquid, the hole was immediately restored once again!

Ego swiped the ground with his magma hands, but everyone dodged it as no one wanted to take a magma bath!

“Ego! Did you ever love my mother? Did you ever think of her even just a little?” Peter asked frustratedly.

He really believed everything Ego has said to him earlier, but as Ego was trying to turn him into his own personal battery earlier, Peter started to question everything!

“That part was true! I really love her! But because of that, I can’t stand it if she stands on my way later, so I was forced to put a tumour on her brain!” Ego said with a sad tone.

Ego’s answer was really unexpected, making Peter instantly flared out of Rage!

Peter roared furiously, encased himself inside pure energy that constantly flickered! Peter then rushed towards Ego and punched his head off!

“You kill my mother!” Peter said furiously with a chilling tone!

His mother’s last day always became a nightmare to Peter as he was just a little kid without any knowledge and power to do anything, but now, he knew that everything was fucked up in the first place because of this pathetic excuse of a man!

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